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Annual rollover

By Hazel M Ingrey, on 1 July 2014

The annual ‘rollover’ of ReadingLists@UCL is nearly upon us.  Each summer the reading lists have a new copy made for the September term, much like the Moodle snapshot.  This year the rollover is scheduled for the 14th July.  In brief:

  • Reading lists for 2013-14 will have an exact copy made for 2014-15, which will publish immediately
  • Permission to edit the lists also rolls over, so academics and teaching support staff will be able to edit the new lists straight away
  • Students and staff will not experience any break in access to their reading lists
  • The old version of the reading list (2013-14) will archive shortly after, which means it will vanish from public view but can be ‘re-awoken’ in future years if needed.

Points to note:

  • Anything not published on a reading list will not be copied onto the new list: do publish any changes if you wish it to be copied over
  • If you would like reading lists removed – for example if a course is no longer being taught – please email us and we can do this straight away
  • Similarly, if any courses have updated titles or course codes, just email us to request the details are updated.

If a refresher session on the reading lists would be helpful to remind you how to edit and manage your lists, do get in touch.  The ReadingLists@UCL webpages also have guides and FAQs.


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