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Archive for July, 2014

Have students really looked at this list?

By Pamela Clarke, on 31 July 2014

Interested to know how frequently your reading lists are being looked at?  Has that important item on your list actually been read by students?  If you are curious,  then try the green “Dashboard”  button at the top of your reading list.

Dashboard is a neat feature that provides some statistics on how many times a resource  has been clicked on, and even provides links to alternative resources for some items.  The Dashboard button is located under the table of contents on your list, and uses a traffic-light colour coding system to indicate frequency of use.  Green for high,  amber for moderate, and red for low resource use.  You can adjust the date range to capture a termly or even weekly snapshot of traffic.

One note of warning: the figures include repeat clicks on the resource, rather than the number of individual students accessing readings, so figures are a rough indicator only.

This can also have more useful applications if you are interested in using this type of feedback as part of your teaching practice.  Check out the Dashboard and let us know if you find it useful, or can think of any improvements!


Help with your reading lists

By Sandra Bamborough, on 2 July 2014

Did you see our recent blog and all the good things students had to say about our ReadingLists@UCL?

If that’s not enough to encourage you to start on yours now and get ahead of the flow ready for the new term, here’s a hard-to-beat offer: there is a little more TLSS project time available for inputting new reading lists should you find yourself becoming short of time.

The TLSS team are also more than happy to review your lists for you, should you prefer to create your own list then have someone check the links are stable and the resources are in the library. To request a review, ‘Publish’ your list and you will be given the option to also click ‘Request review’.

To make the most of these services please email any new reading lists to readinglists@ucl.ac.uk or click the ‘Request review’ button.


Annual rollover

By Hazel M Ingrey, on 1 July 2014

The annual ‘rollover’ of ReadingLists@UCL is nearly upon us.  Each summer the reading lists have a new copy made for the September term, much like the Moodle snapshot.  This year the rollover is scheduled for the 14th July.  In brief:

  • Reading lists for 2013-14 will have an exact copy made for 2014-15, which will publish immediately
  • Permission to edit the lists also rolls over, so academics and teaching support staff will be able to edit the new lists straight away
  • Students and staff will not experience any break in access to their reading lists
  • The old version of the reading list (2013-14) will archive shortly after, which means it will vanish from public view but can be ‘re-awoken’ in future years if needed.

Points to note:

  • Anything not published on a reading list will not be copied onto the new list: do publish any changes if you wish it to be copied over
  • If you would like reading lists removed – for example if a course is no longer being taught – please email us and we can do this straight away
  • Similarly, if any courses have updated titles or course codes, just email us to request the details are updated.

If a refresher session on the reading lists would be helpful to remind you how to edit and manage your lists, do get in touch.  The ReadingLists@UCL webpages also have guides and FAQs.