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    6 top tips to help you build your Twitter following

    By Jessica Gramp, on 14 November 2016

    Last week as part of the UCL Doctoral Schools’ Digital Identity and Scholarship course, Jessica Gramp from the Digital Education team ran a Tweet for a Week activity to help staff learn to use Twitter (see #ucldias). One of the questions asked by the participants was how to build a strong Twitter following.

    Here are 6 top tips to help you build your Twitter following:

    1. TweetUpload a picture and fill in your Twitter bio with a bit about yourself – a mix of professional and personal interests is usual. You might link these to hashtags.
    2. Follow those with interests similar to your own.
    3. Use hashtags to attract more followers.
    4. Link to your Twitter from your other networks. E.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, email signature, business cards, websites.
    5. Tweet media, such as video and images.
    6. Track your most popular tweets using Twitter Analytics.

    See 10 ways to build a large, quality Twitter following…


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