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MyPortfolio and Moodle integration

By i.niculescu, on 15 April 2024

You can now set up and mark MyPortfolio assignments using Moodle! MyPortfolio is UCL’s e-portfolio system, which is now integrated with Moodle assignments. This allows tutors to create assessments where students submit portfolios or pages from their MyPortfolio accounts directly via Moodle Assignments.

Staff can:

  • Set up MyPortfolio as a submission type in Moodle Assignments
  • Mark MyPortfolio entries and leave feedback through Moodle

Students can:

  • Submit a link to their MyPortfolio work via Moodle Assignments
  • Get their marks and feedback through Moodle

Important information:

1. Re-submitting MyPortfolio pages or collections after making changes

  • Tutors only get access to a copy of the portfolio via Moodle Assignments. This process ensures that changes made after the deadline are not reflected in the Moodle Assignment submission.
  • Students must re-submit their portfolios after editing them, as they currently need to do with all other Moodle Assignments e.g. MS Word files.

2. Using MyPortfolio across a whole academic year and/or only for formative work

  • Please encourage your students to share their MyPortfolio work through Mahara. In this way you will always be able to access the latest version of their work. Because the Moodle MyPortfolio integration creates a copy of a page or collection, you will not be able to see any updates unless students re-submit their work via Moodle every time they add something or make any changes.
  • If you need to mark the portfolio at the end of the year, please set up an assignment using the MyPortfolio Mahara LTI only at the end of the course, once students have completed their work.

3. Step-by-step guides

If you have any questions, please email digi-ed@ucl.ac.uk. 

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