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Spotlight on … Moodle quizzes & exams

By Zaman Wong and Aurelie, on 8 March 2021

With campus being closed, departments are looking for alternative options to run both formative and summative assessments.

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Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

The Moodle quiz activity is a great option, which allows you to set a specified Start / End time or have a window-in-a-window, e.g.: 2hr time limit between 00:00 – 23:59 on 1 March 2021.
You can find guidance and recommended settings in our Moodle Quiz Guide.

For both formative and summative quizzes, make sure you let us know in advance by completing the Exam Notification Form, under the Staff Help  menu of any Moodle page. This means we can check your exam does not clash with any planned maintenance, and know who to contact if there are any student queries or technical issues on the day.

If you have any specific queries, please talk to your Faculty Learning Technology Lead or email the Digital Education team at: digi-ed@ucl.ac.uk.

Help with Moodle submission marking

By Aurelie, on 8 February 2021

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Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

Most of your students have now submitted their assignments to Moodle. You may be thinking: ‘Am I ready to mark my submissions?’ or you may wonder where to start.

The Digital education team, having received plenty of questions on how to mark and release marks for Moodle submissions, decided to write this post for you!


Did you know Digital Education have plenty of resources already available on our Wiki and recommend visiting these on our Wiki pages? Areas we cover are around anonymous marking, Rubrics, Release feedback and so much more to assist with managing your submissions.

We suggest visiting our UCL Moodle Staff Guides on:

Training courses

Digital Education also run online assessment training courses, we suggest to enrol onto the courses listed below:

Learning Technology Lead

Alternatively we suggest contacting your Faculty Learning Technology Lead or email the Digital Education team digi-ed@ucl.ac.uk.

Happy marking!