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New UCL Moodle baseline

By Jessica Gramp, on 12 November 2013

MoodleThe UCL Moodle Baseline that was approved by Academic Committee in June 2009, has now been updated after wide consultation on best current UCL practice.  The aim of the Baseline is to provide guidelines for staff to follow when developing Moodle courses in order for UCL students to have a consistently good e-learning experience. They are intended to be advisory rather than prescriptive or restrictive. These recommendations may be covered within a combination of module, programme and departmental courses.

Changes include the addition of a course usage statement explaining how students are expected to use their Moodle course. A communications statement is also now a requirement, in order to explain to students how they are expected to communicate with staff, and how often they can expect staff to respond. It is now a recommendation for staff to add (and encourage their students to add) a profile photograph or unique image, to make it easier to identify contributors in forums and other learning activities.

New guidelines for including assessment detail and Turnitin guidance have been added for those who use these technologies.

See the new UCL Moodle Baseline v2

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    HMatthews67 wrote on 12 November 2013:

    RT @UCL_ELE: New UCL Moodle baseline: The UCL Moodle Baseline that was approved by Academic Committee in June 2009… http://t.co/s4pqVIbSaW

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    maberdour wrote on 12 November 2013:

    I like this approach to supporting course tutors > “MT @UCL_ELE: New UCL Moodle baseline: http://t.co/jHfOxCFdib

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    admmssy wrote on 13 November 2013:

    Liking the idea of usage and communications statements MT @UCL_ELE: New UCL Moodle baseline http://t.co/WNHl6itf16

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