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    Moodle 2 features

    By Jessica Gramp, on 24 July 2012

    Moodle 2 logo (c)

    While many of the old features you are used to in Moodle have not changed greatly in Moodle 2 there are some new features you may be interested in…

    Some of the new features available in Moodle 2 include:

    • selective release (release activities and resources by date or upon completing other activities)
    • improved Messages area:
      • every message will send an email (by default)
      • easily search for old messages
      • choose when you want to be notified about your own quiz submissions,
    • improved quiz interface
      • flag questions to return to later
      • preview responses before submitting
    • new tabbed course format
    • improved editing
      • drag and drop resources
      • click and point to move blocks

    If you want to know more about these features come along to a Moving to Moodle 2 training course.