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New Student Centre and Wilkins Terrace – minor updates on noisy works near Main Library

Sarah Custard20 April 2016

Some minor updates on these two construction projects taking place near the Main Library.

New Student Centre

Work to demolish the ‘node’ to the rear of the Bloomsbury Theatre is going extremely well and is expected to finish in the next 4 weeks.

Soon minor excavation works will be taking place near to the corner of 26 Gordon Street, digging to unearth HV cables servicing the site.  There may be some noise around the area of the ‘old beach site’ during this time.

Removal of the Mono Pitch Roof to the Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering (ACBE building) will be commencing soon. This work stripping the roof is expected to generate a little noise, similar to that created by the brock ‘crunching’ that is taking place to bring down the node.

The new Student Centre: Nicholas Hare Architects

The new Student Centre: Nicholas Hare Architects

Wilkins Terrace

Concrete pouring of the new terrace is almost complete and brick work on the 4th façade will be starting soon and continue over the next few weeks. Disruption to the Main Library caused by these works is not expected to increase above the levels experienced in recent weeks.

Science Library – new staff entrance on Darwin Walk

Sarah Custard8 March 2016

From March 18th the new staff entrance for the Science Library, which will be located on Darwin Walk, just around the corner from the current entrance, will be ready to use. Please note that the current staff entrance will cease to be operational from March 18th.

The new Darwin Walk staff entrance will allow refurbishment works to start in the area of the Help Point/old staff entrance, creating a new Records Office and Stores Office space.

Also worth noting is that there will be a new location for the Science Library staff flexi clock; on the pillar near the pods in the Learning Lab.

Best wishes,


Eastman Library refurbishment

Anna Di Iorio19 February 2016

Phase 2 of the Eastman Library refurbishment is now complete. The library quiet reading room and mezzanine have been renovated and fitted with new, fully IT-enabled desks, and some desktop computers have been installed for readers who wish to use a computer and don’t have their own laptop.

We have also converted the upstairs photocopy room into an IT-enabled study room which can be used on a walk-in basis.

We hope that this upgrade will provide a high-quality, modern space which will improve the experience of all the Eastman users.

The Eastman Library – and our equipment, including iPads – also features in the new promotional UCL Eastman Dental Institute video (although this was filmed before phase 2 of the refurbishment!)

UCL Eastman Dental Library quiet reading room

UCL Eastman Dental Library newly refurbished quiet reading room


Wilkins Terrace project – noisy works near Main Library update

Sarah Custard2 February 2016

Construction works on service ‘tunnel A’ for the Wilkins Terrace project are progressing and are scheduled to finish by February 26th.

A new concrete ground obstruction has been discovered on the site and is in the process of being removed to allow work on the tunnel to continue.  Removal work is taking place by the quietest means available, however at times a large pneumatic breaker will need to be used and this may be noisy.  These breaking out works are expected to be occurring throughout the day and are expected to last approximately 2 weeks.

Further updates to follow.

'Transforming UCL'

‘Transforming UCL’

Research Grid in the Science Library opening to graduate students

Sarah Custard27 January 2016

The refurbishment works on the 4th floor of the Science Library have finished and the brand new 74-seat Research Grid for graduate students officially opens on 1st February.

Minor snagging works are taking place in the next few days, however the space is now accessible so please feel free to pop up and have a look.

The new space is, honestly, fantastic and if you come across any graduate students looking for a place to study, whether it is for a group project, a meeting or for private study, please just point them in the direction of the new space on the 4th floor.

Here’s a quick look at the new study space.  Thanks to library Publicity for providing the images.


Wilkins Terrace project – noisy works near Main Library update

Sarah Custard19 January 2016

The steel decking for the new Wilkins Terrace will be installed on site from 25th January.   As the steel decking needs to be cut and fixed it is anticipated that these steelworks will cause some noise disruption.  Areas of the Main Library expected to be most affected by noise are the Donaldson and the Romance Languages reading rooms.

The new steel decking is being installed in two phases:

  • Phase 1 will commence 25th January 16 and will last approximately 1 week
  • Phase 2 will commence mid Feb 16 and will last approximately 2  weeks

The contractor will be taking measures to minimise the disruption caused by these works, installing sound barriers across the site to dampen down noise levels.

Wilkins Terrace, 'Transforming UCL'

Wilkins Terrace, ‘Transforming UCL’

New Student Centre Meet the Contractor event: 19 January 9:00am – 12:30pm

Sarah Custard15 January 2016

If you’d like to find out more about plans for the construction of the new Student Centrea Meet the Contractor event will be running on Tuesday 19th January , open to all UCL staff and students. The event will provide opportunity to meet the contractor Mace and hear about plans for the Student Centre site and to ask questions directly to the Project Director, Construction Managers and Community Liaison Manager.

When and where?

  • Date: 19 January 2016
  • Time: 9:00am – 12:30pm
  • Location: The Haldane room and the South Cloisters


  • 9:00am—10:00am: Meet the Contractors presentation (The Haldane Room)
  • 10:00am—12:30pm: Design exhibition by Nicholas Hares (South Cloister)

Further information about the new Student Centre project can be found at Transforming UCL.

New Student Centre designed by Nicholas Hare Architects.

Science Library – staff access during morning closure Mon 21st Dec

Sarah Custard11 December 2015

I’d be grateful if all staff working in the Science Library could read the following info:
Due to essential electrical installation works taking place in the building, the Science Library will be closed until 11.00 on Monday 21st December.

For safety reasons there will be no student access to the Science Library during the electrical works. Staff working in the Science Library will also be affected due to the need to shut down the power supply in many areas of the Science Library, including staff offices.

For safety reasons staff will only have access to PCs in the ground floor computer clusters in the Learning Laboratory on the morning of Monday 21st, until power is restored in the rest of the building (11:00 approx).

Please note: the Safety Officer Jay Woodhouse has advised that staff working in the Science Library must not venture above the ground floor until works are complete.

As the power supply to the flexi-clock at the staff entrance will be affected, staff will need to submit their clock in times for the morning via MyOptions.

These works are part of the new Research Grid project. If you require further assistance in relation to these works please contact Phil Watson (Projects Officer) at phil.watson@ucl.ac.uk

Best wishes,


Buildings news

Sarah Custard10 December 2015

Chadwick B04 Cluster to open for study during Christmas break
The B04 computer cluster in the Chadwick building will be open to all UCL students for study during the Christmas closure period.  Graduate only study space will also be available in the Graduate Hub throughout the Christmas break.

Main Library – new tables and seating for Donaldson
In the new year additional tables and seating will be installed in the Donaldson reading room to increase the number of study spaces available to students. Further details to follow.

Widgetswitchs for sustainability
Web widgets which display the amount of energy used in your UCL building can be installed on webpages. These widgets do currently feature on our Main and Science Library webpages. Further information on energy data display can be found at the UCL Sustainability website.

Be part of the Big Christmas Switch Off
UCL is running the Big Christmas Switch off again this year. Last year’s Switch Off saw an energy saving of 509,593 kWh (a reduction of 20% of usual energy use). To take part, and find a useful checklist on switching off during the Christmas closure please visit the ‘get involved’ webpages.

Science Library – cabling and drilling works

Sarah Custard9 December 2015

From Thursday 10th December until Wednesday 16th December there will be cabling and drilling works in the Science Library (all floors) to prepare for the new 4th floor Research Grid.  These works may cause some noise disruption in the mornings between the hours of 07:00 and 09:00.