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New Student Centre and Wilkins Terrace – minor updates on noisy works near Main Library

By Sarah Custard, on 20 April 2016

Some minor updates on these two construction projects taking place near the Main Library.

New Student Centre

Work to demolish the ‘node’ to the rear of the Bloomsbury Theatre is going extremely well and is expected to finish in the next 4 weeks.

Soon minor excavation works will be taking place near to the corner of 26 Gordon Street, digging to unearth HV cables servicing the site.  There may be some noise around the area of the ‘old beach site’ during this time.

Removal of the Mono Pitch Roof to the Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering (ACBE building) will be commencing soon. This work stripping the roof is expected to generate a little noise, similar to that created by the brock ‘crunching’ that is taking place to bring down the node.

The new Student Centre: Nicholas Hare Architects

The new Student Centre: Nicholas Hare Architects

Wilkins Terrace

Concrete pouring of the new terrace is almost complete and brick work on the 4th façade will be starting soon and continue over the next few weeks. Disruption to the Main Library caused by these works is not expected to increase above the levels experienced in recent weeks.

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