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Launch of SMT Surgeries

RozzEvans11 July 2019

The Library’s Senior Management Team (SMT) has been considering feedback from colleagues concerning the perceived lack of visibility of the team and a desire for a greater understanding of what the SMT does. We are aware that it would be helpful for colleagues to engage directly with by meeting and talking with SMT colleagues in order to raise issues of concern or suggest ideas for improvement.

As a first step we have refreshed the SMT information on LibNet and added more information about individual responsibilities as well as including photos and contact details. Feedback on the revised information on LibNet is welcome.  We have made sure that the last three months of minutes from SMT’s monthly meetings are available and will continue to ensure these are up-to-date.  Notes from earlier meetings are available on request from Noel Caliste, who is Paul’s Executive Assistant (n.caliste@ucl.ac.uk).

SMT have also decided to set up a series of Surgeries, modelled on those offered by MPs to give individuals and small groups the opportunity to meet members of the SMT face-to-face and raise issues of concern.  At least two members of SMT will be present at each surgery. This will be a pilot, and we will be asking for feedback from colleagues throughout the pilot so that we can see if this is something that is useful, or whether there is a better way to improve two-way communication.

Where possible, Surgeries will be held in non-library spaces.  They are going to be held on different days and times of the week to enable as many colleagues as possible to attend.  They will be timed to occur in-between SMT meetings, and issues and feedback raised by staff at the Surgeries will be discussed at the next SMT so that staff can be assured that issues will be followed-up.

While the pilot Surgeries are all located in Bloomsbury, there will be the option to Skype or phone in.  If the pilot is successful, we will ensure that they are offered outside the Bloomsbury campus if there is demand.

The dates and times for the Surgeries will be publicised on LibNet as soon as they are available, along with information for booking.

The Pro-Vice-Provost’s View

PaulAyris14 October 2018

SMT Working Groups

On 10 and 23 August, I wrote to inform colleagues of the imminent restructure of the Library’s Senior Management Team. An enlarged Senior Management Team came into being on 1 September, and we had our first meeting on 19 September. Amongst other things, we celebrated the successful launch of Alma, surveyed circulation activity for 2017/18 and approved the creation (for a pilot of 1 year) of a Special Collections Fellowship, which we hope will attract academics to come and work on UCL Special Collections materials.

With the re-creation of SMT, we have also set up new SMT Working Groups to advise SMT on detailed policy and operational issues which shape the Library. The complete Membership and Terms of Reference can be seen in the report SMT and Working Groups. There are five new Working Groups:

  • Budget Executive Group (Chair: Paul Ayris)
  • HR Working Group (Chair: Martin Moyle)
  • Library Estates Operations Board (Chair: Ben Meunier)
  • Staff Training & Development Oversight Group (Chair: Kate Cheney)
  • Survey Response Working Group (Chair: June Hedges)

With the start of the new academic year, these Working Groups are now beginning to meet and will make regular reports to SMT. Please feel free to contact the Chairs if you have any questions/comments.

Now that the new term is upon us, I thank all colleagues for all the work they have put in to welcome our new and returning students; and to ensure that the Library runs smoothly at the start of a busy academic year.

Paul Ayris


UCL Library Services

The Pro-Vice-Provost’s View

PaulAyris23 August 2018

New SMT and associated Working Groups

Felbrigg Hall

On 10 August, I wrote to expain how the Library’s Senior Management Team was being restructured and enlarged. The role of the SMT is to oversee policy developments and the daily operation of the Library. The SMT will also meet regularly as the Library Strategy Committee, to oversee the development and implementation of the new Library Strategy. The new SMT comes into being on 1 September. Its membership and Terms of Reference can be found here.

As SMT, the new Committee will meet monthly (rather than every 2 weeks). It will also act as parent for a series of Working Groups, the purpose of which is to support the business of the SMT.

The Working Groups do not supersede and are not substitutes for established Library Services committees and groups, such as the Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Committee. SMT WG chairs will be responsible for ensuring appropriate join-up between their Groups and any relevant established committees.

Broadly, the SMT Working Groups will have 4 functions. These are as follows:

  • To advise SMT on new developments and future strategy in their respective areas of business
  • To ensure that SMT and UCL policy decisions are implemented effectively and equitably across Library Services
  • To take ownership of matters of operational detail in their respective areas on behalf of SMT
  • To make regular reports to SMT through their chairs.

The following Working Groups are proposed, each with a chair and membership drawn from SMT:

  • Budget Executive Group (Chair: Paul Ayris)
  • HR Working Group (Chair: Martin Moyle)
  • Estates Oversight Group (Chair: Ben Meunier)
  • Survey Response Team (Chair: June Hedges)
  • Staff Training and Development Strategy Group (Chair: Kate Cheney)

The full Membership and Terms of Reference for each of these Working Groups will be circulated via a LibNet Blog posting once signed off by the new SMT in September.

Good governance is essential to the successful running of the Library and the wellbeing of our staff and students. I look forward to the enlarged SMT playing a full and successful role in the daily life of UCL Library Services.

Paul Ayris

Pro-Vice-Provost (UCL Library Services)

The Pro-Vice-Provost’s View

PaulAyris10 August 2018

New Senior Management Team

The current Library Strategy has now formally been completed and a report on the Library’s success in achieving its objectives in the 94 Action lines will be presented at the next meeting of Library Committee.

The Library Strategy is currently overseen by the Leadership Team. The role of the Senior Management Team (SMT) is  different – to oversee the operation of the Library on a daily basis and to lead on policy development. The fantastic work of both teams was highly commended as part of the Library’s entry in the THELMA Awards for 2018.

The new Library Strategy is currently in the final stages of being developed and will be signed off by Library Committee in the first meeting of the new academic session. Feedback has suggested that some colleagues find the distinction between the Leadership Team and the Senior Management Team difficult to understand. You said, and we listened. So, for the coming Strategy period, the two committees will be merged into one. The revised Membership and Terms of Reference can be seen in the new set of SMT Terms of Reference.

SMT will continue to meet regularly as it is the primary policy-making group in the Library. Its actions and decisions set the framework within which initiatives and projects are progressed throughout UCL Library Services. Within UCL Library Services, it has ultimate responsibility for all the Library’s services and infrastructure. However, for 3 meetings a year, the SMT will become the Library Strategy Committee. In this form, it will oversee the preparation, communication, delivery and maintenance of the new UCL Library Services Strategy, which will set the Library’s overall priorities for the duration of each Strategy period.

The change to the new committee structure takes place on 1 September 2018. Please do not hesitate to ask me, or any member of the new SMT, if you have any questions.

Paul Ayris

Pro-Vice-Provost (UCL Library Services)

SMT (Senior Management Team)

PaulAyris8 December 2014

The membership of the Library’s SMT (Senior Management Team) has been refreshed to mirror the strategic priorities which the Library faces. SMT is a primary policy making group in the Library. Its actions and decisions set the framework within which initiatives and projects are progressed throughout the whole of the UCL family of libraries. SMT also has the remit to oversee and monitor the Library’s successful performance against targets, set either by UCL or by external regulatory and other bodies. The Leadership Team is a companion committee, which oversees the development and implementation of the Library Strategy.

Purpose of SMT meetings

  • To discuss and agree changes to Library Services policy positions and to discuss and plan the introduction of new policies.
  • To discuss and agree the position of Library Services on and response to institutional initiatives. In such instances, the aim of any SMT discussion is to ensure equity, consistency and coherence library-wide.
  • To discuss the impact and the implications for Library Services of new ideas and initiatives, emanating from a decision or development at UCL’s senior management level, or within the regional/national/international HE/NHS environment, and where appropriate to plan the actions to be taken.
  • To discuss, agree and plan the implementation of policy directives received from the Professional Services Leadership Team.
  • To discuss and agree priorities within Library Services and ensure that resources are allocated appropriately to reflect these priorities.
  • To decide major resource allocation issues and to review income/expenditure against financial targets as needed.
  • To provide a forum for progressing bids for external funding.
  • To provide a forum for information exchange between SMT members about major new developments and ideas, so that the linkages between different areas of work are made and so that the efforts of staff are most usefully directed.

Senior Management Team membership

  • Paul Ayris, Director of Library Services (chair) and Leader of the KPA on Communications, Outreach and Open Access
  • Kate Cheney, Leader of the KPA on Staffing, Equality and Diversity
  • Christine Dami (Financial Services), with special responsibility for Financial Services
  • June Hedges, Leader of the KPA on the User Experience
  • Nova Larch (Public Services), with special responsibility for Public Services
  • Andrew McDonald, Associate Director, with special responsibility of outreach and public engagement
  • Ben Meunier, Assistant Director (Public Services) and Leader of the KPA on Sustainable Estate
  • Martin Moyle, Assistant Director (Support Services) and Leader of the KPA on Systems and Processes
  • Margaret Stone, ISD Business Service Owner for Library IT (Support Services)
  • Andy Pow, Group Manager (Financial Services) and Leader of the KPA on Finance, Management Information and Value for Money

The new SMT met for the first time on Monday, 8 December 2014.

Dr Paul Ayris

Director of UCL Library Services & UCL Copyright Officer

Chief Executive, UCL Press

Chair of the LERU Chief Information Officers Community (League of European Research Universities)

Adviser to the LIBER Board (Association of European Research Libraries) on EU matters and Horizon 2020