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New UCL Press book hits national (and international) headlines

Alison Fox11 May 2021

We are delighted that The Global Smartphone: Beyond a youth technology (published on May 6th 2021) has hit the headlines across the world, with coverage in newspapers including The Sunday Times, The Guardian and Daily Mail.

Coverage in the UK and Ireland has included stories by The Scottish Herald, Reuters, The Irish Times, RTE, Newstalk, and an interview with lead author Prof Daniel Miller (UCL Anthropology) on Sky News this morning. Publications in Portugal (here, here, here and here), Germany, Brazil. Greece  (and here), Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Malaysia, Australia, Albania, EgyptRussia, Italy, Israel, Czechia and France have also reported on the book’s findings.

The book documents the work of a team of 11 anthropologists who spent 16 months documenting smartphone use in nine countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and South America, with a particular focus on older adults. The team was led by Professor Daniel Miller, whose previous UCL Press series on global social media usage, Why We Post, saw more than a million downloads of the open access books that detailed the findings.

The Global Smartphone: Beyond a youth technology is written by Professor Daniel Miller (UCL Anthropology), Laila Abed Rabho, Patrick Awondo, Maya de Vries, Marília Duque, Pauline Garvey, Laura Haapio-Kirk, Charlotte Hawkins, Alfonso Otaegui, Shireen Walton, and Xinyuan Wang. It is part of the Ageing with Smartphones series, which also includes Ageing with Smartphones in Ireland and Ageing with Smartphones in Urban Italy.

Facilities & Project Update

Collette E M Lawrence5 May 2021

Facilities & Projects Team Blog – Our team information can be found at the following link Facilities & Projects Team

Project update for the Fire Alarm upgrade installations throughout DMS Watson, Petrie Museum and Energy Centre.

The 3rd Floor and 4th Floor will be closed on Thursday 6th May and Friday 7th May 2021.

Monday 10th May 2021 the 4th Floor will reopen, while work on the 3rd floor will continue. This area will be closed off and there will be some noise disruption permeating through the building. Users of these spaces will need to be remined of additional bookable study spaces in other locations during this time.

We will continue to provide further updates as the project progresses. Please speak to your building manager if you have any concerns or queries and they can feed back to the team.

UCL Library Services Aspiring Managers Programme Launch 2021

aanchal.bhatt28 April 2021

It’s been a long time coming and now its finally here! I am thrilled to announce the launch of the Library Services Aspiring Managers Programme 2021. A bespoke development opportunity created for Library Services staff, to support those looking to move into supervisory or management roles and progress their careers.

Aspiring Managers is a leadership development programme, open to all staff Grades 5 to 7, who have an active interest in progressing into a supervisory or people management role. The programme is spread over 6 months and offers a blended learning approach to training; combining live virtual sessions with subject experts, online training, self-learning and 121 mentorship.

This is the pilot cohort for this programme and will offer 10 places; requiring a commitment of 40 hours from the participant. The programme will also require 5 hours commitment from the line manager.

For further information, details of the programme structure, shortlisting criteria and session dates click here Aspiring Managers Programme Launch_Library Services_April2021

The application and nomination process is as follows:

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact aanchal.bhatt@ucl.ac.uk

New dates for SMT surgeries and launch of online SMT feedback form

Rozz Evans26 April 2021

It seems like another lifetime when we launched a pilot of Senior Management Team (SMT) surgeries (actually July 2019) via this blog https://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/libnet/2019/07/11/launch-of-smt-surgeries/.  This was one of a range of measures we had discussed to address feedback from colleagues via the last Library Staff Survey and other channels that the SMT weren’t as visible as you would like and that it wasn’t always clear who we are and what our roles are. You can find out (along with a bit about what we each do) here https://www.ucl.ac.uk/libnet/about-us/committees-and-working-groups/senior-management-team.  You can access the minutes of regular SMT meetings from this link if you are interested.

While the number of staff who attended the pilot SMT surgeries was quite small, they were well received and we will continue to offer them on a monthly basis (alongside other channels of communication).  Dates have been scheduled until the end of the year.  We will hold them on Teams for the moment, and once ‘normal’ service is resumed they will be offered alternately online and f2f.  All members of the SMT have been timetabled to run these surgeries and the dates are below.  In addition we will be briefly attending team meetings over the next couple of months to talk about the surgeries and we will be in touch with managers of teams across the service to make sure this happens. Please email to book a slot.  We will send a monthly reminder email via Liblist.

  • 28th April 2021 2 – 3 pm:  Rozz Evans, Karen Jeger, Andy Pow  (email rosalind.evans@ucl.ac.uk)
  • 25th May 2021 12 – 1 pm: Peter Dennison, June Hedges, Martin Moyle (email p.dennison@ucl.ac.uk)
  • 21st June 2021 3 – 4 pm:  Sarah Aitchison, Rozz Evans, Ben Meunier (email s.aitchison@ucl.ac.uk)
  • 29th July 9.30 – 10.30 am: Paul Ayris, Kate Cheney, Andy Pow (email a.pow@ucl.ac.uk)
  • 29th September 2021 2 – 3 pm: Karen Jeger, Margaret Stone, Michelle Wake (email k.jeger@ucl.ac.uk)
  • 25th October 2021 11 – 12 am: Jennifer Brown, Lara Speicher, Martin Moyle (email jennifer.brown@ucl.ac.uk)
  • 23rd November 2021 10 – 11 am: Anna Di Iorio, June Hedges, Ben Meunier (email j.hedges@ucl.ac.uk)

We will also be running an evening surgery if there is demand.  Please email rosalind.evans@ucl.ac.uk if this would be your preferred option and we will organise it.

People also expressed the desire for more opportunities to interact with us directly, formally and informally.

We have created a new online SMT Feedback form https://ucl-global.libwizard.com/f/smt-feedback.  You can choose to submit comments, questions and suggestions via this form.  If you give your name you will receive an email response although you can also choose to do so anonymously.  We will take all comments and suggestions seriously and regular updates will be shared regarding feedback received at the termly full meeting of the SMT and more widely as appropriate.

We’d also like to establish far more regular visits to teams and sites.

In order to find out what you would like from us we will begin by setting up meetings with groups of team managers to talk and share ideas about how to develop this.  We understand that while some may want to hear more about the area of responsibilities of particular SMT members or receive briefings on particular developments, others would welcome the opportunity to show what they have been doing within their sites and teams. Others would like something even less formal – maybe to invite a member of SMT to their team meetings or just for a coffee and chat?  In the meantime we are always pleased to be invited, so please free to email any of us individually or via our group email (lib-smt@ucl.ac.uk).

We are always interested in your ideas about this as one of the most important things about working for UCL Library Services is that no matter what our roles we are united in our wish to be the best we can be.  Please do make full use of the range of opportunities to help us improve in this area. However you do it, please do make sure you have your say!

Facilities & Projects team update

Collette E M Lawrence23 April 2021

Facilities & Projects Team Blog – Our team information can be found at the following link Facilities & Project Team

Project update with regards to the Fire Alarm upgrade installations throughout DMS Watson, Petrie Museum and Energy Centre.

the 4th floor is now reopened.

Work on the 3rd floor will commence on Monday 26th April 2021. This area will be closed off and there will be some noise disruption permeating through the building. Users of these spaces will need to be remined of additional bookable study spaces in other locations during this time.

We will continue to provide further updates as the project progresses. Please speak to your building manager if you have any concerns or queries and they can feed back to the team.

Facilities & Projects Team Update

Collette E M Lawrence1 April 2021

Our team information can be found at the following link Facilities & Projects Team

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and looking forward to Spring Break!!

Staff and students will be returning from 12th April 2021, there will be Estates project work taking place at this time. Fire Alarm upgrade installations throughout DMS Watson, Petrie Museum and Energy Centre.

Work on the 4th floor will be begin on 12th April 2021. This area will be closed off and there will be some noise disruption permeating through the building. Users of these spaces will need to be reminded of additional bookable study spaces in other locations during this time.

We will provide further updates as the project progresses. Please speak to your building manager if you have any concerns or queries and they can feed back to the team.

Work life balance approval checklist

Jennifer L Brown16 December 2020

UCL lettering outside the Student Centre

In order to aid with the decision making process when considering work life balance requests we have produced a new checklist for Library managers which complements UCL’s Work life balance policy.

The document also includes guidance for managers in terms of the process once they receive a request.

The checklist entitled Work life balance approval checklist can now be found on LibNet.

World Earth Day 2020 and sustainable initiatives at the Institute of Orthopaedics Library.

simon.bralee.1522 April 2020

Wednesday 22nd April 2020 is World Earth Day. Across the world, individuals and organisations mark the day through participating in various ‘green, sustainable and environmentally friendly’ practices.

The mission of World Earth Day is: “To build the world’s largest environmental movement to drive transformative change for people and planet”.

Every year there is a theme to mark the day, and this year the theme is Climate Action. Furthermore, this year World Earth Day is going digital, and there is a digital interactive world map, which people can visit to see what virtual events are taking place across the world to mark World Earth Day.

Sustainable Stanmore

In line with World Earth Day 2020, the Institute of Orthopaedics Library Team would like to share the green and sustainable initiatives we have participated in.

Prior to the remote working, we were involved in Fairtrade Fortnight 2020. The Fairtrade Foundation supports local farmers and communities through a range of initiatives. They also focus on protecting the environment, ensuring farmers have good soil and water quality which is important for communities and the environment.

In addition, on the 17th March 2020 our plants – the Oxilis and the Joseph Coat plants (scientific name of the plant is Amaranthus gangeticus) were ‘adopted’ by team colleagues – Jas, Danny and Beth. They are now very happy and flourishing in their new homes during the remote working period.

Below are comments from the team about Fairtrade Fortnight and our library plants.

Veronica Parisi (Acting Librarian)

Throughout Monday 24th February to Sunday 8th March, the Institute of Orthopaedics Library was involved in the Fairtrade Fortnight and several activities were organised to engage library users as well as library staff to raise awareness about Fairtrade.

The library provided an information stand at the entrance where users could read more about Fairtrade while sipping a complimentary Fairtrade tea, coffee and tasting delicious Fairtrade chocolate.

Library users also took part in fun and informative activities such as ‘storybombing’. This was a story hunt where users had to find in the library 5 different thought-provoking stories about the lives and conditions of women cocoa farmers. Once the stories had been found, users were celebrated with a sticker and Fairtrade Chocolate at the library desk.

Two library staff Fairtrade food and bake events were also organised where staff brought in homemade chocolate cookies, courtesy of our baker Maryam, and treats made only with Fairtrade products. Our baker Maryam also shared some delicious Fairtrade recipes from Fairtrade Foundation and the Co-Op. For pancakes lovers, there are some great ideas for Fairtrade topping .

This was an enjoyable and informative two-week period and it was rewarding to engage with library users in different ways whilst contributing to raise awareness about Fairtrade.

Maryam Ali (Library Assistant)

It was great to organise the Fairtrade Fortnight event at the Institute of Orthopaedics library. The main purpose was to raise awareness about Fairtrade and the work the Fairtrade Foundation does in an engaging, fun and informative way.

It was wonderful to see our users stop by at the Fairtrade Fortnight Information stand, speak to library staff about Fairtrade, the Fairtrade products, how they can get involved in the ‘Storybombing’ activity and tell us how good the Fairtrade Coffee tasted! We used biodegradable cups to try to make the event as sustainable as possible, and encouraged staff and students to bring their own cups too.

I also learnt more about the work the Fairtrade Foundation does, and the range of Fairtrade products available.

Library staff tweeted throughout Fairtrade Fortnight to raise awareness. Thank you to everyone who supported and participated during Fairtrade Fortnight.

Fairtrade stand Fairtrade Stand

Roberta Wiseman (Senior Library Assistant)

I enjoyed the Fairtrade Fortnight event organised by Maryam (who made some very delicious biscuits!), and feel that my awareness of the work of the Fairtrade Foundation has increased.

It is important that everyone is paid appropriately for their labour, and that people all over the world have access to healthcare, education, and the opportunity for a happy life.

I also enjoyed the excitement of having a scavenger hunt in the library throughout the fortnight, with chocolate prizes.  I think our users appreciated it too!

Danny Williams (Evening & Weekend Library Assistant)

I participated in the ‘storybombing’ activity mentioned above. I hid the second one of the StoryBomb leaflets on one of the library shelves, informing work colleagues of where I hid it. I then posted a tweet on the Orthopaedics Library’s Twitter account, informing library users of the leaflet. I also brought in a bar of Sainsbury’s milk chocolate, which had a Fairtrade logo on it, for use by library staff.

I am currently looking after one of the Orthopaedics Library’s potted plants whilst working from home, and until the library re-opens. It’s an Oxilis, with crimson-colour leaves, and I water it once a week. It also gets plenty of sunlight.

Photo of Oxilis


Elizabeth Metz (Evening Senior Library Assistant)

I was delighted to offer a temporary home to one of the Joseph’s Coat plants, which is thriving in its new home!

Photo of Joseph’s Coat plant

Joseph’s Coat plants

Further information

World Earth Day 2020

Fairtrade Foundation

Written by the Institute of Orthopaedics Library Team: Veronica, Jas, Ma’ali, Elizabeth, Roberta, Danny and Maryam.


Creative ideas during the lockdown

simon.bralee.156 April 2020

It is more important than ever to take time to unwind and relax. Even if you are at home for most of the day, there are great things you can do either on your own, with your household or remotely with friends or family.

Creative outlets


Museums and galleries



  • Netflix Party allows you to watch something online with your friends

Books and Poetry


Take up ballet


Colouring books




Share your knowledge, discover new passions

This list was created by Occupational Development as part of Remote, not Distant and by UCL Acrts and Heritage, as part of #CreativeComfort.

For more ideas, join colleagues in the Break Room on Microsoft Teams and have a chat, swap tips and share photos of cats.

Stay well everyone and have a good weekend.

(Note: UCL do not provide or recommend Zoom. It remains the recommendation of ISG that staff should use UCL provided or recommended tools where practical as these have been subject to scrutiny for security and GDPR compliance. In the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in, with services rapidly moving online, staff may decide to use non-UCL provided solutions where the UCL solutions do not fulfil their requirements.  On the use of Zoom, if this is used, ISG recommend using the web based rather than the app- based client. This allows greater control of the information shared with the provider. There are concerns about Zoom’s approach to privacy.  Any user should ensure they read and understand Zoom’s privacy policy).


“I Heart Consent” campaign launches today

Benjamin Meunier27 November 2019

Student Support and Wellbeing and Students’ Union UCL are together launching the ‘I ❤ Consent’ campaign today (27 November).

The campaign encourages students to take a brief sexual consent online training course on Moodle – no longer than 15 minutes to complete. The aim of the training is to help promote healthy and respectful relationships within the UCL community and beyond.

The campaign will be promoted to students via digital screens and messages in myUCL and local communications?

Once students have completed the training, they will receive a ‘I ❤ Consent’ badge on Moodle.

If students come along to the Student Centre Wednesday 27 to Friday 29 November (this week) and show us their badge, they will be able to collect a reusable ‘I ❤ Consent’ cup and a free hot drinks voucher!

The training does cover some difficult topics, so if a student needs support around this, please direct them to the Report + Support website, which has much more information.