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LCCOS Leadership Group Surgeries

Rozz Evans7 November 2022

We have been running regular Library Senior Management Team (SMT) surgeries since July 2019. These are just one of several ways that colleagues are able to engage directly with senior managers should they so wish.

However, now that we have become a much larger team in the form of LCCOS there have been some changes in governance.

We have an LCCOS SMT. Supporting the work of this team is the LCCOS Leadership Group which includes members of the SMT but also section heads from across the service.

Going forward, the surgeries will be hosted by members of the LCCOS Leadership Group.

You are welcome to attend on your own, as a representative of a group or team, or in small groups. Whatever suits you is fine! Please note that if your feedback is of a personal/sensitive nature or relates to another colleague or Library user you should speak to your Line Manager in the first instance where possible.

Surgeries are currently scheduled to run via Teams, but sometimes it will be possible to conduct them face-to-face. Please feel free to request this if you prefer it, and if possible, we will accommodate that request.

The times and dates below all fall between 9.30am and 4pm, but we are very happy to arrange surgeries for colleagues who work evenings and weekends – please email me directly (rosalind.evans@ucl.ac.uk) and I will arrange it.

Please also remember that members of the LCCOS Leadership Group are available to visit sites, join team meetings etc. so please do let us know. You can request this either via your section head, or by directly contacting the relevant member of LCCOS Leadership Group. You are always welcome to contact individual members directly too.


Finally, there is an online feedback form if you prefer. If you put your name on it, you will receive a response, but you can also post anonymously if you are more comfortable with this.

We are always interested in your ideas. One of the most important things about working for LCCOS is that no matter what our roles we are united by all wanting to do the very best we can.

Scheduled dates

Dates are scheduled as below. Please email the named person to book. Any general questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to email me directly. I will be sending out a monthly reminder via the lccos-allstaff@ucl.ac.uk mailing list.

Date Time Hosted by Email to book
25 November 2022 11 – 12 pm Anna Di Iorio (Site Libraries Manager and Senior Librarian, RFHML) & Margaret Stone (Head of Digital Services and Service Improvement) a.diiorio@ucl.ac.uk
12 December 2022 10.30 – 11.30 am Ben Meunier (Director of Operations, LCCOS) & Andy Pow (Head of Finance) a.pow@ucl.ac.uk
17 January 2023 2 – 3 pm Peter Dennison (Head of Customer Service) & Rozz Evans (Head of Collection Strategy) rosalind.evans@ucl.ac.uk
14 February 2023 3 – 4 pm Laura Cream (Director of Engagement) & Martin Moyle (Director of Services, LCCOS) l.cream@ucl.ac.uk
16 March 2023 2 – 3 pm Paul Ayris (Pro-Vice-Provost, UCL LCCOS) & June Hedges (Head of Liaison & Support Services) j.hedges@ucl.ac.uk
18 April 2023 10 – 11 am Kate Cheney (Head of Site Library Services) & Kat Nilsson (Director of Museums & Cultural Programmes) k.nilsson@ucl.ac.uk
17 May 2023 3 – 4 pm Sarah Aitchison(Head of Special Collections) & Rowena Lamb (Head of Research Integrity) rowena.lamb@ucl.acuk
12 June 2023 11 – 12 pm Martin Moyle (Director of Services, LCCOS) & Emma Todd (Head of Research Culture) emma.todd@ucl.ac.uk
14 July 2023 11 – 12 pm Ben Meunier (Director of Operations, LCCOS) & Michelle Wake (Site Libraries Manager and Senior Librarian, UCL School of Pharmacy) m.wake@ucl.ac.uk
04 September 2023 9.30 – 10.30 am Paul Ayris (Pro-Vice-Provost, UCL LCCOS) & Lara Speicher (Publishing Manager, UCL Press) l.speicher@ucl.ac.uk
06 October 2023 10 – 11 am Peter Dennison (Head of Customer Service) & John Maisey (Head of Visitor Services) j.maisey@ucl.ac.uk

Main Library first floor lobby entrance painting works

Phil Watson21 September 2022

Please be advised that from 09:00 this morning, the 21st September 2022, the first floor lobby area, Main Library entrance, there will be the completion to the painting works taking place.

The painting will only take place on the side of the exhibition case, meaning the works will not impact on the entrance, the lift, or restrict access in any way, and opening hours will remain as per usual.

The works will take 2-3 hours to complete and will be non-intrusive.

We apologise for the short notice to these essential works, if you do experience any issues in relation to this project, please do not hesitate in contacting a member of the F&P team and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Library communications over summer

simon.bralee.1513 September 2022

Updates about comms from across Library Services.

Helping students

Comms Calendar

The first iteration of the Library Comms Calendar 2022-23 is now available on LibNet.

Please check it and get in touch if there is anything coming up in your sections this term.

New posters and library maps

Daniel Kordik created a series of new posters for library sites starring library colleagues and a student ambassador. You can see the posters and onelan screens in all libraries from 26 September. We have also printed out library maps with all 17 sites, including One Pool Street in UCL East.

Campaigns in Summer

Colleagues were very busy over the summer months:

South Asian Heritage Month (18 July – 17 August)

The Library Liberating the Collections Group and Campaigns Group sought book recommendations from across the UCL Community to create a book list to celebrate South Asian Heritage Month.

South East Asian Heritage Month (September)

We’re also asking the UCL community to share their book recommendations for East and South East Asian Heritage month which takes place from September.

Green Spaces (22 August – 09 September)

We ran a very light well being focused campaign on social media during the Late Summer Assessments to encourage students to take a screen break from libraries. Although it might seem counter-intuitive to encourage our users to leave our library spaces, it’s not only good for wellbeing but it’s a big draw to have a space which you can focus in and then leave for a short break.

If you missed it

How do you cram all the key information about a library site into 30 seconds of film? You have to be very fast! As this video from the UCL Libraries TikTok shows:


#ucl #ucllibrary #uclgosh #running #library #london #university #books

♬ Let’s go – Official Sound Studio

(The department’s TikTok account is managed by Amad Uddin and Sofina Lias from the Social Media Task and Finsih Group. If you would like to get involved with it or feature a service or space on it, please contact them. It has been agreed to only have one TikTok account for the moment. No other accounts should be set up in the meantime.)

Most read ‘Library News’ articles

Updates from the comms sub-groups

Three sub-groups help coordinate comms activities across Library Services.

Open Days Group

Published a new video in time for the July Open Days starring student ambassadors. A big thanks to the Finance team for their support with this.

Campaigns Group

Planned campaigns for 2022-23, including a new ‘Find your library’ campaign to take place in the second half of term 2. The centre piece of this will be a new web tool created by Jonathan Fowles, Gillian Mackenzie and Chris Carrington. We will also promote spaces through student reviews and TikTok videos.

Social Media group

Finalised new guidance document and metrics tool which will be published on LibNet shortly, planned and led Twitter and Instagram training.

Comms campaigns coming up in Term 1

  • Getting Started (Coordinated by the Library Induction Group) (26 September – 11 November)
  • Open Access Week (Coordinated by the Office for Open Science) (24 – 30 October)
  • Find your library (12 November – 18 December)
  • Black History Month (October)
  • Knowvember (November)
  • UK Disability History Month (18 November – 18 December)

If you have any questions about comms, please get in touch with Simon Bralee.


Student Centre deep cleaning of carpets

Phil Watson2 September 2022

We have recently been working alongside Sodexo to improve the flooring surfaces around our spaces and we are pleased to inform you that we will now be focusing on the Student Centre.

This coming weekend, Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th September, we will be carrying out a deep clean to all of the carpets in the public spaces within the building, to help us ensure all spaces are meeting the best environment possible for our staff and students, and enhance the student experience, ready for the new academic year commencement on the 26th September 2022.

In order for us to carry these works out, safely and to ensure the space is cleaned thoroughly, we will be closing off floors, one floor at a time, throughout the weekend, as programmed below:

4th, 3rd & 2nd  floors will be cleaned on Saturday 3rd September, between 05:00-15:00

1st, B1 & B2 floors will be cleaned on Sunday 4th September, between 05:00-16:00

If you require any further information please contact the F&P team and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Our team information can be found at the following link Facilities & Project Team


Further updates on the Main Library closures

Phil Watson18 August 2022

Dear Colleagues,

Unfortunately, due to Quad closures by Estates, a change to dates has been necessary in regards to the redecoration of the Main Library stairwell, there is also a further closure required to allow for the hard floors to be cleaned:

We have received confirmation from the UCL Campus Experience & Infrastructure team (CE&I, part of UCL Estates) that contractors will be redecorating the Main Library entrance stairwell. In order to carry out these works safely, and to keep access to the Main Library during the works, a scaffold will be erected with a deck over the stairs. This deck will be sealed with plastic to ensure no debris or paint can fall on users or the stairs. Vacuums will be used while sanding down and making repairs to the walls. The lighting will also be cleaned, repaired and re-fixed.

To erect the scaffolding the Main Library will be closed on Saturday 20th August 2022 all day. The library will reopen as normal on Sunday 21st August at 11am. A second closure on Saturday 27th August 2022 will be required to strike the scaffolding, again the library will remain closed all day.

Even though the scaffold will be removed on the 27th August, redecoration works will continue at lower level for another week, until the 3rd September, however, the library will remain open as usual, whilst these lower level redecoration works are carried out, unless otherwise stated and communicated.

Also, on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th August, the Main Library will be closed in order for the essential deep cleaning of all hard floors in corridors, landings, stairs, the Flaxman Gallery, reading rooms, toilets and public spaces. This is in partnership with the Estates department and Sodexo, the cleaning contract company, to ensure the floors are in the best of health for the start of the new academic year.

Due to the bank holiday the library will reopen on Tuesday the 30th August at 08:45.

These are essential works to help us strive to maintain the health & safety of all of our students and staff and to ensure our spaces are kept to the highest level possible.

If you have any questions in regards to this project, please contact the F&P team and we will be more than happy to assist you

Our team information can be found at the following link Facilities & Project Team

Change to Logging Into Alma

Tom Beauchamp15 August 2022

As part of ISD’s strategy to switch many of UCL’s services to Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory (AAD) identity management tool, how you sign into Alma is changing. If you use the short URL we have provided, e.g. via a bookmark, it will change automatically tomorrow morning (Tuesday 16 August 2022). Instead of entering your username and password into the current Shibboleth login screen, you will instead see one similar to when you log into your UCL email account, Explore, and other UCL IT services. If you have recently logged into another service using Azure, you may be logged automatically into Alma.

If you have not bookmarked the short URL, you will need to take action between now and Monday 3 October 2022. Please see the Alma page on LibNet for details.

If you have any questions regarding this change or encounter any problems, please use the Digital Services online form.

Attendance at UHMLG Summer Conference, June 2022

david.charles.green27 July 2022

Report on UCL Library Services members’ attendance at the University Health & Medical Librarians group (UHMLG) Summer Conference, held in Swansea 16 & 17 June 2022 (see attached file).

Notes from UHMLG Summer Conference June 22 – all FINAL

Facilities & Projects Team Blog: SCIENCE LIBRARY CLOSURE: 23rd July 2022 & 24th July 2022

Collette E M Lawrence22 July 2022

SCIENCE LIBRARY CLOSURE: DMS WATSON BUILDING Main drain descale cleaning Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July 2022

Our team information can be found at the following link Facilities & Project Team

We have received confirmation the UC Estates and the contractor with regards to essential work taking place.

This weekend will see the annual main drain, descaling and cleaning taking place in the Science Library from 0830hrs, Saturday 23rd July 2022 and Sunday, 24th July 2022 for the whole weekend. The works will be carried out by Kent Drainage Ltd, under instruction from Estates.

This will mean that all the toilets in the building will have to be shut down, so it has been decided to close the Science Library for the duration of the works, and reopen at 0845hrs, Monday, 25th July 2022.

These are essential works and help us strive to maintain the health & safety of all our students and staff.

If you have any questions in regards to this project please contact the F&P team and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Chair replacement project, Main Library

Phil Watson20 July 2022

We are delighted to announce the replacement of 384 old, defunct, tired chairs, for new, modern, comfortable, cantilever chairs in the Main Library, across most areas of the first and second floors, this does not include the Donaldson, Jewish or Dutch reading rooms.

This will enhance the look of the library, while creating a modern environment with maximum comfort, which embraces the student experience.

The chairs will be the same model that we have recently installed in the Dutch reading room and lobby, and in the SSEES Library, which have been very popular, with both students and staff.

The install will take place over two days, on Monday the 25th July, starting on the second floor and then Thursday the 28th July, installing the first floor.

In order for the install to take place, safely, we will be closing the library on both days, and reopening at 14.00, opening hours will be as follows:

Sunday 24th July: 11.00-21.00

Monday 25th July: 14.00-00.00

Wednesday 27th July: 08.45-00.00

Thursday 28th July: 14.00-00.00

If you have any questions in regards to this project please contact the F&P team and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Using Instagram to connect with library users

simon.bralee.157 July 2022

The Library’s Social Media Task and Finish Group would like to invite you to an online training workshop on Using Instagram to connect with library users, 14:30 – 16:00, Tuesday 26 July.

Please note the times have changed from those initially advertised. We’ve extended the session by 30 minutes following feedback.

The session will start from the basics and provide a solid overview of the platform. After this session you will know how to:

  • Set up or update your account,
  • Take stunning photos that wow your audiences
  • Ensure content is on brand in terms of visuals and tone of voice

As well as tricks and tips to ensure you have consistent content.

It is open to everyone in Library Services, particularly people responsible for library social media accounts. You do not need any previous knowledge or experience.

The session will be led by Simon Bralee with support from members of the Social Media Task and Finish Group.

 Book now. 

We plan to offer further training sessions on Sway later this summer.