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Main Library new study desks and the environment – wood is good

By Sarah Custard, on 5 May 2016

We recently installed some wonderful study desks and chairs in the Donaldson reading room as part of a series of mini-refurbishments of selected reading rooms in the Main Library.  Sustainability and environmental credentials of this new furniture was carefully considered, so I’m sharing these with you, so you know how the new chair you may have sat on relates to our environmental policy.

Oak furniture – sustainability 

wooden-trophiesThe oak used on the new furniture, on both the tables and chairs, is sourced exclusively from sustainable forests, certified by FSC. Quarter sawn sections are specified where appropriate to allow maximum use of logs, as well as ensure maximum longevity, thereby locking up the carbon usage. All glues used in production are water based, with no animal derivatives used at any stage. Lacquer’s used are also water based, avoiding use of environmentally harmful acid based materials. The chairs are manufactured in a workshop as close to the forest as is possible, reducing transportation of raw materials and double handling, therefore minimising the footprint of the individual chairs enormously.

Best wishes,


p.s laptop sockets due to be installed during the Summer.

2 Responses to “Main Library new study desks and the environment – wood is good”

  • 1
    Debs wrote on 5 May 2016:

    This makes me happy 🙂

  • 2
    Ed wrote on 19 May 2016:

    What happened to the old desks?

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