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Eastman Library refurbishment

By Anna Di Iorio, on 19 February 2016

Phase 2 of the Eastman Library refurbishment is now complete. The library quiet reading room and mezzanine have been renovated and fitted with new, fully IT-enabled desks, and some desktop computers have been installed for readers who wish to use a computer and don’t have their own laptop.

We have also converted the upstairs photocopy room into an IT-enabled study room which can be used on a walk-in basis.

We hope that this upgrade will provide a high-quality, modern space which will improve the experience of all the Eastman users.

The Eastman Library – and our equipment, including iPads – also features in the new promotional UCL Eastman Dental Institute video (although this was filmed before phase 2 of the refurbishment!)

UCL Eastman Dental Library quiet reading room

UCL Eastman Dental Library newly refurbished quiet reading room


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