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Teams Calling and telephony update

Margaret Stone11 May 2022

Library Services as a whole moved to telephone calls via Microsoft Teams Calling in October 2021.  Since then, most staff telephone handsets have only been available for outgoing internal calls, and these will eventually be removed.

We have been working with ISD to identify those handsets which need to be replaced with Teams handsets, and also identify which numbers (currently associated with handsets) need to be set up as ‘Call queues’ in Microsoft Teams.  This is being done on a site-by-site basis, ensuring that sufficient handsets are provided for emergency purposes.

As each site is scheduled, the ISD project team will work with the site manager to agree the replacement plan and the queues which need to be set up.

Any staff who need a headset for on-campus work should make a request to Library IT Support.

If you have any other queries as the process continues, please route these via site managers to Margaret Stone.

Survey on Customer Feedback Received Ad Hoc – Deadline Extension

Bethan Smith25 April 2022

As you may have seen from the recent blog post, the Survey on Customer Feedback Received Ad Hoc has been created to try and gain a better understanding of how colleagues receive, process and store feedback received on an ad hoc basis.

Please note that we have extended the deadline for the survey to accommodate as many responses as possible. The deadline for completing the survey is now 5pm on Friday 29th April.

If you have not done so already, please do take the time to fill out the survey with your experiences of receiving customer feedback on an ad hoc basis.

All comments received from this survey will be invaluable in helping the Feedback Management Working Group to understand how best to process, store and share our ad hoc customer feedback in the future.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bethan Smith.

Survey on Customer Feedback Received Ad Hoc

Bethan Smith30 March 2022

Customer feedback forms a key part of our drive to improve our services within the library. The Feedback Management Working Group has been set up to examine our current methods of feedback collection, to make proposals on how best to store and process feedback in the future.  

In addition to examining how we collect and analyse feedback in a systematic way through LibAnswers, we would like to find out more information about how we manage customer feedback when it is received off-platform, on an ad hoc basis.  

Before any decisions are made on how we can improve the process of collecting and managing our ad hoc feedback, we first need to have a better idea of the volume, scope and frequency of ad hoc feedback that is currently received in Library Services.   

With this in mind, we would be grateful if you could please take some time to fill out this survey to help the working group to find more information about the ad hoc feedback we currently receive from customers.  

You are welcome to either submit your response as an individual, or on behalf of your team or library site. We anticipate that this survey will take around seven minutes to complete. Please note that the deadline for submissions will be 5pm on Tuesday 26th of April.  

In addition to the survey, we are also planning to run a series of focus groups to complement the survey’s findings. If you wish to take part, please express your interest by informing us of your email address at the end of the form, so that we can contact you with relevant information.  

If you have any questions regarding the survey or the Feedback Management Working Group, please contact Bethan Smith.

Explore Upgrade: 8th March Go-Live and Exam Papers

Bethan Smith3 March 2022

Following on from our previous blogpost regarding the first phase of the Explore upgrade, and the launch of our staff SharePoint, we would like to remind staff that the upgrade to Explore will be happening next week on Tuesday 8th March. We have recently been updating our customers with social media, OneLan messaging and other communications, and will continue to advertise the upgrade in the run up to launch.

In today’s blogpost, we would also like to provide some clarification on how exam papers and will be accessed post go-live, as we know that our customers (and colleagues!) will be particularly interested in ensuring that access to this feature is uninterrupted by the changes.

8th March go-live

As a reminder, we will be going live with the upgrade to the new version of Primo on Tuesday 8th March. This will encompass the upgrade to the way we view digital collections, as well as the Explore interface update.  You can find out more about these elements on their respective pages on the staff SharePoint 

Please note that online payments will be released at a later date, with more information on the timeline for implementing this feature to be provided soon.  

Exam papers

Once the upgrade is live, Explore will become the default method for accessing exam papers.  To search for exam papers in the new version of Explore, users can type in the relevant search term, using the exam papers search scope to filter results as shown below: 

Alternatively, customers can browse through the UCL Exam Papers collection, and its associated sub collections, via Digital Collections:

Although the upgrade will mean that exam papers are more easily discoverable, we appreciate that it may take some time for our customers to get used to this new way of finding information. We have therefore made the decision to retain a link from our web pages to exam papers in DigiTool for a time, though we will retire this feature after the current exam period. 

Differences between classic Primo and Primo VE

As a reminder, for colleagues who support Explore users as part of their role, there is a dedicated page on the SharePoint which lists the differences between the classic and updated version of Primo, as well as ongoing technical fixes. This page will be updated regularly over the next few days and weeks. 

If you have any questions about the upgrade project, or are unable to access the SharePoint site, please contact Bethan Smith 

For more general queries regarding Explore, please contact the appropriate Explore functional lead.  

Explore Upgrade 2022 – Information for Library Services staff

Bethan Smith3 February 2022

In the coming weeks, we will be upgrading Explore by implementing a number of new features to enhance the customer experience of using the platform. A SharePoint site has been created to update staff on the progress and key information regarding this project.

The upgrade will focus on three main areas of development: the migration of our online digital collections and exam papers from Digitool to Alma and Explore, the Explore interface update, and the introduction of online payments of library fines and fees.  

Upgrading these applications will mean that we are supported technically by Ex Libris, and that any future system upgrades or enhancements are enabled. These upgrades will facilitate improved searching and browsing of our digital collections, dynamic updates to catalogue records in Explore, and the ability to pay fines and fees online. 

These features will be released in two stages, with the explore interface update and changes to digital collections going live in early March 2022; we are currently aiming for an 8th March release date. Online payments will be added at a later date, following on from testing. We will communicate the go-live date of online payments closer to the time.   

In the next few weeks, we will be releasing communications and training in order to keep colleagues and customers informed. This will include any required actions our customers need to take, such as the need to save their searches. Customers will be informed of the upgrade through social media, newsletters, QR codes, and a webpage on the library website, as well as via messaging in Explore itself. 


Please keep an eye out for further communication related to the project. In the meantime, colleagues can find out more about the upgrades in the new project Sharepoint for Library Services staff, which contains information regarding each separate strand.  


The SharePoint is accessible now and will also be signposted on LibNet. It will be a central point for training, contain useful FAQs, and a list of previous communications. We would encourage you to check the SharePoint periodically to find out information about the project as it emerges

If you have any questions about the project, or are unable to access the SharePoint site, please contact Bethan Smith.

We would also like to take the opportunity to remind you of the Functional Lead structure. If you have any queries about Explore in general, please use the self-service form to find out how to contact an Explore Functional Lead.

Facilities & Projects Team Blog – Changes to the Post Delivery arrangements for Main, Science & Student Centre

Collette E M Lawrence26 November 2021

Our team information can be found at the following link Facilities & Projects Team

With effect from Monday 29th November 2021 – Couriers and individual deliveries are no longer allowed to go straight to the building for the central block of campus. For the Library this covers Main, Science and Student Centre only. All deliveries must go via the UCL Post Room at 20 Bedford Way and then be delivered with the post by the Logistics Team. This is a safety measure to reduce the vehicular traffic on central campus. New arrangements have been agreed with Logistics and signed off by the Library Operational Oversight Group.

Please note:

  • For teams that get large, regular deliveries to their offices, these will continue to be delivered to offices as usual. The below applies to normal post, stationery orders and courier deliveries. If you are concerned about deliveries to your team, please contact the Facilities & Projects Team through  lib-facilities@ucl.ac.uk
  • For large or one off deliveries that need to go directly to one of these buildings, such as large equipment or book collections, the organiser must ensure the delivering vehicle is booked in via Logistics beforehand, this can be done by the requestor or the company providing the delivery. Any un-booked deliveries will be turned away.


Main library: All deliveries will go to the autosorter room (113C) and be placed on the table provided. Signed for items will be placed on the table and photographed as proof of delivery. The outgoing post sack will also be in this location. The Customer Services Team will sort the post daily and deliver to the correct location within the building. Please note that the pigeonholes will remain in the Kitchen (204) on the second floor.

Science Library: All deliveries will go to the ground floor cupboard (G97A) near the staff lift. The pigeonholes will be moved to this location along with the outgoing post sack. Signed for items will be placed on the table or shelf and photographed as proof of delivery. The cupboard has the same lock as the staff kitchen, so staff will be expected to check their pigeonhole as normal.

Student Centre: All deliveries will go to the staff office (1.02) on the first floor.

If you have any issues or queries regarding this please contact the Library Facilities & Projects Team at lib-facilities@ucl.ac.uk


MyHR update

Jennifer L Brown25 October 2021

Carry forward annual leave hours adjustments

The central HR team have now completed the one off task of transferring annual leave carry forward onto MyHR for all requests that were submitted to Library HR by the 15th September.

Making manual carry forward annual leave adjustments using the MyHR Self-service function

If you missed the deadline or your carry forward annual leave hours are not showing on your record you may make adjustments via the self-service function on MyHR. Any adjustments made on the systems will require approval by your line manager.

Details of how to manually adjust your annual leave entitlement can be found via the UCL Knowledge Centre   under  ‘adjust your annual leave’ within the employee self service section on MyHR.

Processing Carry forward annual leave hours for subsequent years

For the next annual leave year and going forward any carry forward will be done automatically by MyHR (there will be no requirement to notify the Library HR team). The system will automatically apply the maximum carry forward limit.

Deadline for taking accrued carry forward annual leave hours

There will no longer be the requirement to take your carried-forward leave by January. This means staff can take their accrued annual leave hours throughout the leave year. The normal maximum carry forward allowance for each leave year will apply.

Annual leave entitlement queries

If you believe your annual leave entitlement is incorrect please contact HR Services  via hr-services@ucl.ac.uk

Work patterns

Staff can continue to use the self-service function on MyHR to change their work pattern with prior approval from their line manager where there is no change in their overall FTE. All submissions will need approval by the line manager via MyHR in order for the change to take effect.

Please note that you do not need to record whether you are working at home or in the office in MyHR and will only need to confirm the hours worked per day.

Instructions of how to amend your work pattern can be found via the UCL Knowledge Centre  under the employee service function entitled ‘Enter or Maintain your work pattern.’


Flexitime Focus Groups: Call for Participants

Bethan Smith7 July 2021

As we approach the next academic year, and implement new ways and patterns of working, we would like to take the opportunity to examine our current systems for managing flexible working patterns across Library Services.

The current flexitime system has been in suspension since March 2020. Running a local system brings with it limitations and overheads; as we implement new modes of working in the upcoming academic year, it is worth taking the time to examine how we might administer the benefit of flexible working within Library Services going forward, and consider whether we need to reinstate the current MyFlexi system.

With this in mind, Martin Moyle and June Hedges would like to meet colleagues to hear their views on how we might manage flexible working patterns in the near future.

We have arranged five focus groups, which will take place over the next three weeks.

Please note that there is no question of withdrawing the benefit of flexible working patterns from Library Services – conversations in these groups will instead focus on considering the way we administer these:

Friday 9th July, 11:30 – 12:30

Tuesday 13th July 11:00 – 12:00

Thursday 15th July 15:00 – 16:00

Tuesday 27th July 11:00 – 12:00

Thursday 29th July 10:00 – 11:00

Focus groups will take place virtually on MS Teams. Participants will be sent a Teams link prior to the start of the session.

To ensure a constructive conversation, we are aiming for up to 10 colleagues to act as participants per focus group. We aim to ensure an even spread of participants across teams, grades, and work patterns at each meeting to ensure a representative discussion is held.

If you are interested in attending one of the focus groups, please email bethan.smith@ucl.ac.uk with your first and second preference for your slot.

Service Catalogue for Library Services

Bethan Smith11 May 2021

The service catalogue has now been made live on LibNet.

This is an important tool, developed with various service owners and managers, which will enhance our understanding of how we work within Library Services. The catalogue will provide a point of truth regarding our services, capturing the range of services we provide, who provides them, and how they are provided.

Each service the library provides is listed in its own separate entry within the catalogue, with key information listed, including the description, components, owners and managers, users, stakeholders, benefits, costs and how users request the service.  Related services are also indicated, to collect a picture of the interconnectivity of services. Important information regarding each service will be updated continually, and enhanced as the catalogue is used in practice.

In addition, a contact table has been extracted to display all relevant email addresses at a glance – much like the current staff directory but based on services rather than individuals. Together, the contact table and catalogue will be an invaluable resource for new starters, and those who want to know more about areas of Library Services outside of their immediate department.

Taking the catalogue as a baseline, we are now working on developing complementary tools and frameworks, such as service standards and service dashboards. The service catalogue will also be used to shape the service information we provide to users, providing a useful frame of reference for website developments and customer service initiatives.

Please do make use of the catalogue to inform your interactions with services across the library, in both day-to-day and project work.  The catalogue and its associated deliverables will be updated as and when our workflows and service provisions change.

Comments are encouraged – please email bethan.smith@ucl.ac.uk with any suggestions, queries or comments you may have about the catalogue.

Soon to be launched UCL New Agency Temporary recruitment process

Faith Udeze12 February 2021

Soon to be launched UCL New Agency Temporary recruitment process

UCL is introducing a process to manage the recruitment of all Agency (contingency) workers through a single service provider supported by a network of approved Agencies on UCL’s preferred supplier list (PSL). The new system will manage every stage of the recruitment process including: advertising and sourcing candidates (either directly or through preferred supplier list); shortlisting CVs; carrying out compliance and Right to Work checks; purchase orders, on-boarding and managing relationships with and supporting temporary workers. UCL is aiming to launch this new service 22 March 2021

This new process will replace the current UCL recruitment process for temporary workers, managed via a new Beeline Vendor Management system (VMS). It includes some system user functionality for Library managers as timesheet approvals only. Access and training to the new VMS system will be provided before the go-live date

Unitemp will continue to provide in-house temporary recruitment for all student roles or Alumni direct bookings where Unitemps is the preferred approach

Further updates will be provided as soon is available. More information can be found via the link

Questions can be directed to Library HR (Faith Udeze)