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New Library Regulations

By Jay Woodhouse, on 5 September 2013

As previously advertised the new Library Regulation have gone live from this morning (2/9/2013). These are available at:


In the Main and Science Library there will be new signage to accompany the changes, with drinks and snacks being allowed in some areas. A sample of the banners we will be using is currently in the Flaxman lobby in the Main Library.

The Library Regulations will be slightly modified again on the 1st October 2013 to take into account some changes within the UCL structure. The Dean of Students (Welfare) post is being de-established from this date. Responsibility for student welfare and discipline is being transferred to the newly renamed Student and Registry Services (SRS).

There will also be a new post of Student Mediator, who will report directly to the Provost. This role will try to mediator disputes involving student and staff without recourse to formal procedures. If mediation is unsuccessful in finding and acceptable solution, formal process will be commenced. This position has been recruited and the current Dean of Student (Welfare), Ruth Siddall was the successful candidate. The post will start on the 1st October.