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Staff Office Moves – Final Plan and Schedule

Jay Woodhouse18 October 2016

The Office Move plan has now been approved by the SMT following changes in response to feedback from two rounds of staff consultation. The aim is to put teams together where possible, provide suitable space for all staff and even out the occupancy of rooms. We are also taking this opportunity to create an extra meeting room in Science, two new meeting rooms in Main and an extra student study room in Senate House Hub.  The final relocation plan is below, this only impacts Main, Science and Senate House Hub. If your room is highlighted in grey then you will not be moving:

Office Plan

Team managers will be contacted about room design and an A3 floor plans of the room their team are moving into provided. The Buildings Team will assist with room layouts for each team. Below is the schedule for the Office Moves that runs from now until March 2017:

Schedule 2016 v2

Please send all queries and feedback to lib-buildings@ucl.ac.uk

Staff Office Moves – Summer 2016

Jay Woodhouse24 May 2016

Following the implementation of Library Services’ new organisational structure, office space and allocation is being reviewed. From April 1st 2016 many teams have changed size, working relationships or have been otherwise reorganised to deliver the Library Strategy. In order to optimise the effectiveness of the new structure, some staff and teams will need to move offices and/or sites. This has also presented an opportunity to review occupancy levels in staff spaces and ensure that office space provision is both fair and makes efficient use of space.

The office space available in Main, Science and Senate House Hub has been reviewed in terms of accommodating the relevant staff groups as identified in the Final plan for the new organisational structure for UCL Library Services, in consultation with the Assistant Directors. A proposed allocation of office space has been developed and approved by the Library Senior Management Team.

This scheme follows the principles set out in the Library Services Policy on the provision of staff office space. Legal occupancy level have been taken into account, and whilst smaller two-three person office may be at the maximum level, larger offices are planned to have an occupancy of around 80% of the legal maximum.

Details of all proposed staff moves will be sent to the appropriate managers by 27/05/2016. The managers will then inform their staff of the move plan as relating to them. Feedback is welcomed and should passed to your line manager. The managers will collate any feedback and pass it to the Library Facilities Team for consideration in conjunction with the Assistant Directors.  Around 90 staff affected by the move scheme across three sites. All other staff will remain in their existing office locations. In the event of additional staff being moved to an existing office set-up, staff currently occupying the office will also be informed by their manager. A timetable and program of moves is being developed and will be shared with your line manager as soon as it has been agreed.

Any staff that require formal consultation, based on the Policy on the provision of staff office space, will be contacted directly and the consultation process started with them.

The Library Facilities Team will assist with the design and layout of the new space. The scheme provides an opportunity to offer staff the option to improve their working environment by varying the type of furniture fitted and develop along agile working principles. This may involve different size desk or alternative sit/stand workstations. The Facilities Team will provide information about alternative furniture options.

Best Regards

Jay Woodhouse – Facilities and Projects Manager