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St. Valentine’s Feedback Campaign – February and March 2022

simon.bralee.1529 June 2022

During a St. Valentine’s Day campaign this year, colleagues reached out to our customers to ask them what they love, or don’t love, about our libraries. They were encouraged to submit comments with attractive displays and the chance to win a £10 voucher.

194 feedback slips were submitted across 9 of our libraries, and although this wasn’t a large enough sample to be representative of all customers, it does highlight some areas where we are doing well, and other areas where there are opportunities for improvement.

The majority of comments were positive, with 61% stating that they love our libraries, 21% wanting to break up with our libraries, and 18% having mixed feelings!

The most prominent message, 29% of all comments, was an appreciation for the work of staff, emphasising how important these interactions are to the experience of using our services and facilities. Comments included the following:

  • Love the library staff. They go out of their way to help. <3 Thank you
  • All the lovely staff members! The library has given me a friend and really helped me so much this year! Thank you!
  • I like the kind staff who smile at me in the mornings.

The most common topics by number of comments were:

Summary of common topics from the comments
Love Break-up
1. Staff – 57 1. Temperature – 16
2. General Facilities – 25 2. Noise – 9
3. IT Facilities – 13 3. Lack of Places to Eat – 7
4. Collections – 11 4. Opening Hours – 6
5. Quiet – 11 5. General Facilities – 5

A summary report for the St. Valentines feedback campaign  is available. This report was revised on 01/07/2022.

Thank you again to everybody who took part in this campaign! We will be planning new feedback campaigns for 2022/23.


The LaSS Library Feedback Display



Volume of feedback by “Love”/”Break up” or “Both”: 119 Love, 40 Break up, 35 Both.

Post written by Jonathan Fowles. (Post updated on 04/07/22)

Survey on Customer Feedback Received Ad Hoc – Deadline Extension

Bethan Smith25 April 2022

As you may have seen from the recent blog post, the Survey on Customer Feedback Received Ad Hoc has been created to try and gain a better understanding of how colleagues receive, process and store feedback received on an ad hoc basis.

Please note that we have extended the deadline for the survey to accommodate as many responses as possible. The deadline for completing the survey is now 5pm on Friday 29th April.

If you have not done so already, please do take the time to fill out the survey with your experiences of receiving customer feedback on an ad hoc basis.

All comments received from this survey will be invaluable in helping the Feedback Management Working Group to understand how best to process, store and share our ad hoc customer feedback in the future.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bethan Smith.

Survey on Customer Feedback Received Ad Hoc

Bethan Smith30 March 2022

Customer feedback forms a key part of our drive to improve our services within the library. The Feedback Management Working Group has been set up to examine our current methods of feedback collection, to make proposals on how best to store and process feedback in the future.  

In addition to examining how we collect and analyse feedback in a systematic way through LibAnswers, we would like to find out more information about how we manage customer feedback when it is received off-platform, on an ad hoc basis.  

Before any decisions are made on how we can improve the process of collecting and managing our ad hoc feedback, we first need to have a better idea of the volume, scope and frequency of ad hoc feedback that is currently received in Library Services.   

With this in mind, we would be grateful if you could please take some time to fill out this survey to help the working group to find more information about the ad hoc feedback we currently receive from customers.  

You are welcome to either submit your response as an individual, or on behalf of your team or library site. We anticipate that this survey will take around seven minutes to complete. Please note that the deadline for submissions will be 5pm on Tuesday 26th of April.  

In addition to the survey, we are also planning to run a series of focus groups to complement the survey’s findings. If you wish to take part, please express your interest by informing us of your email address at the end of the form, so that we can contact you with relevant information.  

If you have any questions regarding the survey or the Feedback Management Working Group, please contact Bethan Smith.