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Staff Survey 2022: headlines and call to join our Action Group

By Benjamin Meunier, on 29 July 2022

The UCL Staff Engagement Survey was open in April 2022 with results were made available by HR in mid-May. Headline results (below) are broken down between Library Services and Culture, since the structure on HR’s system did not reflect the establishment of LCCOS at the end of 2021. A number of the questions relate to UCL as a whole, rather than the department specifically.

In Library Services, we achieved an Qlearfit engage score of 64. This was collected from 171 responses received (response rate was 51.8%). In Culture, we achieved an Qlearfit engage score of 53. This was collected from 36 responses received (response rate was 72%).

Chart showing Staff Survey 2022 Library scores

Overview of Staff engagement survey for Library Services.

Chart showing Staff Survey 2022 Culture scores

Overview of Staff engagement survey for Culture staff.

A more granular breakdown of responses per question is available on Qlearfit’s online platform, including free-text comments, which is now accessible to the LCCOS Staff Survey Action Group. The Staff Survey Action Group has been tasked with developing actions related to the 4 areas scoring lowest in both sets of data: Leadership, Customer, Listening and Tools.

In the interim, a high-level action plan was submitted by RIGE to HR with an LCCOS element. This will be superseded by the plan being prepared by LCCOS Staff Survey Action Group members.

Want to get involved in developing our Action Plan?

There are 5 vacancies on our LCCOS Staff Survey Action Group to oversee our action plan from the findings of this and future surveys in an inclusive and transparent way. As a member, you would be expected to attend quarterly meetings and to feed in contributions from colleagues, in terms of what measures would help to improve the work environment, as well as to liaise with colleagues on the work which this group will initiate to deliver the Staff Survey Action Plan for LCCOS. Please ensure you have approval from your line manager before joining the group.

We would welcome new members from any part of LCCOS, particularly from colleagues on grades 1-6 and/or from Culture teams. In order to ensure that the Staff Survey Action Group represents the diversity of LCCOS, I particularly encourage applicants from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds and Disabled applicants.

Expressions of interest to join the Staff Survey Action Group should be submitted in an email to me (email: benjamin.meunier@ucl.ac.uk) for receipt by 15.00 on Friday 2nd September 2022.

About the Staff Survey Action Group: What we do

  • We will be drafting and overseeing the implementation of the Staff Survey Action Plan for LCCOS, ensuring that the measurable objectives are achieved.
  • Periodically update the Staff Survey Action Plan, identifying completed actions and reviewing Survey results to identify areas requiring further action.
  • Publicise work undertaken and completed in response to Action Plan for the benefit of all LCCOS staff, via the appropriate channels.
  • Promote future surveys to all groups of LCCOS staff in order to increase response rate compared with Staff Survey 2015 (48% response rate).

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