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Service Catalogue for Library Services

By Bethan Smith, on 11 May 2021

The service catalogue has now been made live on LibNet.

This is an important tool, developed with various service owners and managers, which will enhance our understanding of how we work within Library Services. The catalogue will provide a point of truth regarding our services, capturing the range of services we provide, who provides them, and how they are provided.

Each service the library provides is listed in its own separate entry within the catalogue, with key information listed, including the description, components, owners and managers, users, stakeholders, benefits, costs and how users request the service.  Related services are also indicated, to collect a picture of the interconnectivity of services. Important information regarding each service will be updated continually, and enhanced as the catalogue is used in practice.

In addition, a contact table has been extracted to display all relevant email addresses at a glance – much like the current staff directory but based on services rather than individuals. Together, the contact table and catalogue will be an invaluable resource for new starters, and those who want to know more about areas of Library Services outside of their immediate department.

Taking the catalogue as a baseline, we are now working on developing complementary tools and frameworks, such as service standards and service dashboards. The service catalogue will also be used to shape the service information we provide to users, providing a useful frame of reference for website developments and customer service initiatives.

Please do make use of the catalogue to inform your interactions with services across the library, in both day-to-day and project work.  The catalogue and its associated deliverables will be updated as and when our workflows and service provisions change.

Comments are encouraged – please email bethan.smith@ucl.ac.uk with any suggestions, queries or comments you may have about the catalogue.

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