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‘Go Home on Time Day’ today!

By Breege Whiten, on 23 September 2015

Today is Go Home on Time Day! It’s the one day each year when you should leave work on time, rather than staying for those extra ten minutes to answer an email, or even consider logging in to your desk top remotely when you get in. So as your Library DEOLOs we are encouraging all staff to go home on time today. You can use your extra time tonight to enjoy the last of the summer sum, read that bedtime story, make that phone call to a friend you’ve been meaning to ring for ages, catch up on Downton Abbey, hang out with your cat, or just have an extra five minutes to yourself.


Breege Whiten: b.whiten@ucl.ac.uk
Grazia Manzotti: g.manzotti@ucl.ac.uk
Spiros Philippas: s.philippas@ucl.ac.uk

UCL Library Services Departmental Equal Opportunities Liaison Officers (DEOLOs)

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