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ABC Learning design


ABC LD toolkit 2018

Introduction to ABC

Download (PDF, 741KB)


ABC LD Workshop Localisation

Download (PDF, 1.2MB)


Running the ABC workshop

Download (PDF, 461KB)


ABC LD Toolkit Videos

Part 1 General Introduction to ABC

Part 2 The ABC LD method

ABC LD Table set up

ABC FAQ 1 Why was ABC developed?

ABC FAQ 2 How was your distinctive ABC format chosen?

ABC FAQ 3 Why do you emphasise strategic context?

ABC FAQ 4 What is important about post workshop support?

ABC LD FAQ 5 What different types of ABC there are?

ABC LD FAQ 6 How do you work with students?

ABC LD FAQ 7 How has ABC spread beyond UCL?

ABC LD FAQ 8 What does the ‘localisation’ of ABC mean?

ABC LD FAQ 9 What has the evaluation of ABC shown?

ABC LD FAQ 10 How do you see ABC developing in the future?

ABC LD Pre 2018 videos (playlist)

ABC LD Toolkit Workshop resources

ABC LD Workshop presentation

Download (PDF, 8.01MB)


ABC LD Learning Types cards

Download (PDF, 298KB)


ABC LD Tweet and Shape

Download (PDF, 217KB)


ABC LD Storyboard Worksheet

Download (PDF, 248KB)


ABC LD Action Plan

Download (PDF, 188KB)


ABC LD Aditional Online activities

Download (PDF, 187KB)


ABC LD Leaflet

Download (PDF, 729KB)