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ABC Learning design


Learning Types – Investigation


Encourages the learner to take an active and exploratory approach to learning, to search for and evaluate a range of new information and ideas. Students are guided to analyse, compare and critique the texts, data, documents and resources within the concepts and ideas being taught.

Conventional methods include searching and evaluating information and ideas, analysing the ideas and information in a range of materials and resources, using conventional methods to collect and analyse data, comparing texts.

Moving investigation online: in many disciplines using digital resources and analytical tools are already part of students’ activities.

Key UCL tools:

Take it further – more teaching and learning ideas

  • Web search (forum, wiki)
  • OER resources (external)
  • Literature reviews and critiques (forum/blog/wiki/RSS)
  • Field/lab observations (media/blog/wiki)
  • Action research
  • Authentic research / data analysis – write a paper
  • Lead a group project