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ABC Learning design


Learning Types – Discussion


Requires the learner to articulate their ideas and questions, and to challenge and respond to the ideas and questions from the teacher, and/or from their peers.

Conventional methods include face-to-face tutorials, seminars and group-based class discussion.

Moving discussion online: There are a number of good online options, including Moodle discussion forums which can be real-time (synchronous) or run over an extended period (asynchronous). Online forums can be even more productive than conventional tutorials as more students may contribute. For a richer discussion, Blackboard Collaborate can be run as a synchronous session.

Key UCL tools:

Moodle: ChatForumHot Question.

Take it further – more teaching and learning ideas

  • Interview an expert (forum/chat)
  • Webinars (Collaborate)
  • Model answers/examples of previous work (forum)
  • Analyse chat text (in course or uploaded)
  • Job/professional reflections (blog)
  • Group discussions on the topic, problem, reading (chat/blog/wiki)
  • Social networking – participate (external)
  • Reflective tasks – group or individual (forum)
  • Special interest groups – share on a topic (forum)
  • Lead a group project