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ABC Learning design


Learning Types – Production


How the teacher motivates the learner to consolidate what they have learned by articulating their current conceptual understanding and reflect how they used it in practice. Production is usually associated with formative and summative assessment.

Conventional methods can cover a wide range of items including essays, reports, designs, performances, articles, models and videos.

Moving production online: In some disciplines, digital representations are already common such as presentations, videos, slideshows, blogs and e-portfolios.

Key UCL tools:


Take it further – more teaching and learning ideas

  • Interview an expert (video/forum/chat)
  • Literature reviews and critiques (forum/blog/wiki/RSS)
  • MCQs – formative with automatic feedback
  • Develop a shared resource library (database/glossary/wiki)
  • Shows/demonstrates learning (displays, posters, presentations)
  • Portfolios (MyPortfolio)
  • Case studies (forum, lesson)
  • Summarisation tasks (upload texts – individual or group)
  • Rapid-fire exam questions (forum)
  • Concept mapping (external)
  • Create video of performance (media)
  • Audio commentary of performance (media)
  • Collaborate ‘viva’
  • Make and give a presentation (external)
  • Video blog (external)
  • Write a report (external)
  • Make an analysis (external)
  • Case studies (report on or create)
  • Advanced role play – you are the consultant etc.
  • Action plan for workplace
  • Action plan for further study
  • Authentic research / data analysis – write a paper
  • Prepare professional briefing
  • Create podcast (media)
  • Work assignment (blog/report)
  • Interview professional colleagues
  • Lead a group project