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ABC Learning design


Learning Types – Collaboration


Requires students to work together in small groups to achieve a common project goal. Building on investigations and acquisition it is about taking part in the process of knowledge building itself. Learning through collaboration therefore includes elements of discussion, practice, and production.

Conventional methods include small group project, discussing others’ outputs and building joint output.

Moving collaboration online: Some parts of group and project working lend themselves to digital communication to help discussion and planning of project outputs. The practical elements depend on the discipline but in some areas it will be possible to build a joint digital output and complete the task entirely online.

Key UCL tools:

Take it further – more teaching and learning ideas

  • Collaborative wiki – what do we know about …?
  • Develop a shared resource library (database/glossary/wiki)
  • Social networking – participate in Twitter etc (external)
  • Special interest groups – share on a topic (forum)
  • Mentor other learners