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ABC Learning design


Learning Types – Practice

Enables knowledge to be applied in context. The learner modifies actions according to the task and uses feedback to improve. Feedback may come from self-reflection, peers, the teacher, or from the activity outcomes. Practice often includes significant face-to-face components including labs, field trips, placements, practice-based projects and face-to-face role-play and groupwork.

Moving practice online: The most challenging of the six activity types, some activities are hard to substitute without losing important learning outcomes. Videos of methods, simulations, models, sample data sets, image and video banks, online role-play and case studies may be used to address some of the learning aims. Online quizzes can be used to test application and understanding.

Key UCL tools:

Take it further – more teaching and learning ideas

  • MCQs – formative with automatic feedback
  • Online role play (forum, virtual classroom)
  • Reflective tasks – group or individual (forum)
  • Case studies (forum, lesson)
  • Rapid-fire exam questions (forum)
  • Advanced role play – you are the consultant etc.
  • Simulations – use of models and tools