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ABC Learning design


Learning Types – Acquisition


What learners do when they read books and articles, listen to lectures and podcasts, watch demos or videos. In this way learners acquire new concepts, models, vocabulary, models, and methodologies. Acquisition should be reflective as learners align new ideas to their existing knowledge.

Conventional methods include face-to-face presentations and lectures, demos and master classes.

Moving acquisition online: reading multimedia, websites, digital documents and resources listening to podcasts, webcasts watching animations, videos. Online quizzes can be used to check learner progress.

Key UCL tools:

Take it further – more teaching and learning ideas

  • Guided readings (library resources)
  • OER resources (external)
  • Podcast (media)
  • Collaborate Webinars (virtual classroom)
  • Q&A forum (forum, where teachers answer student questions)
  • Video lectures (webcast),
  • YouTube videos (external)
  • Field/lab observations (media/blog/wiki)
  • MCQs – formative with automatic feedback
  • Portfolios (MyPortfolio)/ Reflect blog