Niccola (left) & Susan (right) waving and smiling

The latest news from UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research! So much to tell you…

Niccola Hutchinson-Pascal and Susan Anderson the new Project Co-ordinator for the UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research share the latest news from the Centre development work.

Hello everyone!

We have yet MORE exciting news from the UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research! It’s non-stop at the mo! The news is all people related this time.

In summary….

  • We will soon have our first Centre baby… de de derrr!
  • There is a part time job available in the team – maternity cover to start in Aug/Sept 2019.
  • We’re looking for people interested in interviewing and or shortlisting applications for the maternity cover role
  • Susan the newest member of the team would like to say hello!

Read on to find out more…

Our first Centre baby is due mid Sept!

Picture of a stork carrying a bundle in its beak

For those who haven’t seen me (Niccola) recently you might have missed the slightly larger stomach but… there is no denying it any longer I am definitely pregnant (eeek! I’m a little scared by it all to be honest so any advice is VERY welcome!). What this all means is that we need to ensure we have cover in place whilst I’m not around. As such, we are pleased to share the job advert for the maternity cover role – read more about this below. Please do get applying, we want to make sure we have top notch support in place so that the Centre can continue to develop at full speed ahead!

Whilst we’re talking about me you might also notice that I have a new job title, ooo err! Rest assured nothing has changed job role wise. I’m still doing exactly the same job I have been since you’ve known me it’s just now my job description and title is in line with the wording used by the rest of the department.

A maternity cover role is now available

The Centre is looking for temporary support to help us progress several keys elements of the project such as developing a sustainable business model for the future whilst Niccola is on maternity leave. Interested? Great news!

Please see the job advert blog for information on how to apply. We look forward to receiving your application very soon!

Not interested in applying for the maternity cover role but keen to help?

Great. If you would like to be part of the interview panel and or to help shortlist applications we’d love to hear from you, please let me know by emailing me at

The newest member of the team would like to say hello!

Hi! I’m Susan. I’ve just started as the Centre’s new Project Co-ordinator, and the last few weeks have been a wonderful whirlwind. It felt like a warm British welcome when on my first day at least a few people made sure I knew where the tea and kettle were. (I’m Canadian!) Since then, I’ve been absorbing as much as I can about the UCL Centre for Co-Production in Health Research. I was already looking forward to getting started, and getting a taste for what we do here has me even more excited for the months ahead. I’ve learned about the inspiring Phase 1 Pilot projects we supported last year, all sorts of plans for the future, and the really wide ranging group of people who have already helped build the centre so far. It’s amazing to be a part of a team collaborating with everyone from patients to researchers to community leaders. It was great to see how this approach can work wonders at an event led by some of our friends with help from the Centre to launch the Collaborative Centre for Inclusion Health – their latest blog tells you all about the event. I’ve loved learning about the Centre’s vision and ‘Principles that we live by’ through Debbie’s artwork. One of my favourite parts was seeing the centre encourages people to try new things so we can learn together – whether they go as planned or not.

I come to this role wearing many hats – none pictured above 🙂 – so I could go on for ages about why co-production is exciting to me.

  • As a master’s student studying Global Health and Development, I love seeing somewhere that helps researchers collaborate with all kinds of people to make health research even more useful for community members.
  • As a person with chronic illness (writing this while brain foggy!), I know how important it is to value patients’ expertise and the creative ideas we have for improving care.
  • Having volunteered with many community organisations, I know they can make magic happen with few resources and have so many programs and partnerships everyone can learn from.
  • Since I used to work for a hospital back home, I know health workers are experts at finding creative ways to help people while navigating all kinds of institutional requirements.

So in case you can’t tell, I think it’s just about the best idea ever to bring many perspectives together to co-produce solutions to improve health. I can’t wait to meet you all and keep learning about co-production with you. Please say hi, I’ll be at a co-creation session very soon!

That’s all from us for now, chat more soon!

Thanks so much
Niccola & Susan