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Windrush Cricket – uncovering a hidden history

Caroline Francis4 March 2021

This article has been written by Montaz Marché, Research Assistant for Windrush Cricket and is part of a new series exploring what UCL Community Engagement work has looked like during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The project was supported with funding from UCL East as part of the Community Engagement Seed Fund. It is difficult to put […]

Prison: a place for co-production

Rory18 January 2021

How can co-production happen in prisons and why does it matter that it does? We have two great guest authors with us to share their reflections – Paula who works in prisoner engagement for the Prison Reform Trust and has lived experience of imprisonment. And Chantal who is a research fellow at UCL specialising in […]

Learning from ‘Our Voices’: how collaboration and radical optimism got us here

Rory22 November 2020

Our guest author Shuranjeet provides some reflections on why he thought a zine like ‘Our Voices’ was needed, how it helped him understand the complexities around collaboration, and how we can build on these lessons in the future when co-producing.

Pioneering co-production in mental health settings

Rory22 November 2020

Guest author and Co-production Collective co-producer Mark looks back at many years of co-production experience. He reflects on how his own mental health journey influenced service change and better collaboration within teams.