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A new partnership for Co-Production Collective

By Niccola, on 3 March 2021

Niccola and co-producer Sarah O’Brien bring you right up to speed on a new partnership for Co-Production Collective with NHS England and NHS Improvement.

What’s next for Co-Production Collective?

By Rory, on 15 February 2021

Niccola & Lizzie have been having a think about ‘where to next?’ for Co-Production Collective, based on all of our previous co-creation work and conversations. Fancy joining us for this next stage of the journey?

Co-Pro Stories: Exploring Lived Experiences of Co-production

By Lizzie, on 3 February 2021

Our brand new report explores what the experiences of 15 co-producers from the Co-Production Collective community can tell us about co-production. Coming from different backgrounds and perspectives, their individual stories come together to provide insights about the value of co-production in practice.

Co-creating change together: our direction for 2020 – 2022

By Lizzie, on 27 November 2020

As our first month as Co-Production Collective draws to a close, the giddy excitement of the launch is a happy memory, and we’re no longer tripping over our new name quite so much, our thoughts are turning to a big question – what next? Good job we’ve got a brand new strategy to point us […]

Opportunities to get involved in co-producing with us!

By Niccola, on 19 July 2020

Niccola from the Centre for Co-production reflects on the last 3 years’ work by the Centre co-producers and outlines what we still need to do in time for the Centre launch at the end of October 2020. Launch day for the Centre for Co-production is fast approaching! I hope you have 22 October in your […]

It’s not enough to say black lives matter. Time for academia to show it!

By Niccola, on 21 June 2020

Cristina & Niccola from UCL Centre for Co-production have had numerous conversations over the past few weeks about the #BlackLivesMatter movement, about the need for the Centre to reflect and academia to change its behaviours and how we can all help make this happen.