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A Year of Co-production: What Have We Learned and What Is To Come?

By Rory, on 17 December 2020

Publications from 2020 confirm that interest in co-production is gathering pace. But from some perspectives, this approach to research is unwanted, unhelpful, or unrealistic. In this review, Rory takes a critical look at co-production and the new frontiers we can look forward to as it continues to develop.

Black Lives Still Matter: inclusion and diversity in our work

By Caroline Francis, on 5 November 2020

 This blog has been written by Briony Fleming (Community Engagement Manager) and Caroline Francis (STEP trainee).

Carry on co-producing: handy hints and tips to help you out

By Rory, on 6 May 2020

This blog shares ways you can co-produce from home and keep the momentum going while the COVID-19 pandemic forces us to stay indoors. In our previous blog, we shared quick tips to help you stay in touch with family and friends during lockdown. Today, we dive deeper into the nitty-gritty of virtual co-production, listing handbooks […]

Self-isolation activity – make an animation from your bedroom part 1

By Mohammed Rahman, on 6 May 2020

This Blog has been written by Taylor Jack Smith: Slade School of Fine Art alumnus. This is part of a series of blog posts highlighting and sharing the work of the Schools Engagement team and their network of staff, students and volunteers.

Carry On Co-producing! – Staying in touch during lockdown

By Rory, on 14 April 2020

We thought we’d share some ways to stay in touch with family and friends and tips to help you adjust to social distancing while continuing to co-produce.  Social isolation needn’t mean that you can’t keep in touch friends, can’t co-produce or can’t do things you love! It just means adapting how you do it. During […]

Talking Taboo: Public engagement on sensitive topics

By ucwetca, on 15 November 2017

How to facilitate conversations around potentially sensitive, controversial or personal subjects is a common concern that the UCL Public Engagement Unit often encounters. Some of the most successful engagement comes from talking about topics that are difficult or have not yet been addressed – but doing it in an empathetic way needs planning and can be […]