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There’s more than one way to co-create!

Niccola25 September 2020

All of the co-creation work that we do is open to anyone who wants to get involved. However, we’re conscious that a co-creation session via video call or face-to-face workshop (COVID-19 permitting) isn’t for everyone, so we’ve been careful to provide different ways to get involved, always making sure that everything is fed into the […]

Join us for the official LAUNCH of the Centre for Co-production!

Rory18 September 2020

Centre co-producers Nicc, Mandy, Mark, Al, Katherine and Lizzie tell you a little about the upcoming launch of the Centre for Co-production. Included in the blog is the event sign up link, we hope you can join us!


Lizzie16 September 2020

Have you heard about our Share Your Co-pro Story project? Read on to meet the People’s Voice Media team, who share more about the power of stories, and see three of the stories we’ve already collected. We hope they inspire you to get creative and share your #CoProStory….

Co-creating our future: How should our brand and website look and feel?

Rory13 September 2020

As a network of co-producers we’ve been busy co-creating our new name, brand, logo, and website. All of which will be key to the future of the Centre and in helping ensure our long-term sustainability. The next session is coming up on Thursday 17 September and after this we will be working together offline for […]

Share your Co-pro Story!

Lizzie27 August 2020

Do you have a co-production story to share? If you’re reading this blog, then we’re guessing you do – and we want to hear from you!

HARD TO REseArCH: Black Inclusion in Research

Rory15 August 2020

This blog explores the fluidity of ethnicity, the fact that there is diversity in Blackness and how to make research more accessible to different Black communities. It is the second in our series about research and how it excludes many people from getting involved. With a massive thank you to Cherelle, Fola, Melvina, Mable and […]

From diagnostic odyssey to involvement odyssey – an emotional journey

Rory14 August 2020

Centre co-producer Lynn shares her long and emotional journey to diagnosis and talks about co-production and involvement, how she got involved, and how being involved has turned out to be another very emotional journey.

Ageing Better’s approach to co-production: A meeting of hearts and minds

Rory13 August 2020

Working with the community, for the community is the ethos of the whole programme, this ensures that all decision-making and service delivery involves the very people that it is intending to serve. Loneliness and isolation can affect anyone but some groups are especially vulnerable. Vicky tells us about involving older people in the shaping of […]

Co-creating our strategy: making our minds up!

Lizzie6 August 2020

We’ve got one final stage of co-creation left before we finalise our strategy and we’d love for you to get involved. Whether you’re new to the Centre or a veteran co-producer, read on to find out how you can contribute to shaping our direction for the next two years. 

Opportunities to get involved in co-producing with us!

Niccola19 July 2020

Niccola from the Centre for Co-production reflects on the last 3 years’ work by the Centre co-producers and outlines what we still need to do in time for the Centre launch at the end of October 2020. Launch day for the Centre for Co-production is fast approaching! I hope you have 22 October in your […]