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Prison: a place for co-production

By Rory, on 18 January 2021

How can co-production happen in prisons and why does it matter that it does? We have two great guest authors with us to share their reflections – Paula who works in prisoner engagement for the Prison Reform Trust and has lived experience of imprisonment. And Chantal who is a research fellow at UCL specialising in […]

Co-production in Regulation

By Rory, on 18 January 2021

Guest authors Tiegan, Isaac and Jack share their experience of co-producing in a new regulatory organisation in the hopes of contributing to the wider conversation around co-production, where it happens, and the positive effect it can have.

Have your say on the Co-Production Collective website

By Niccola, on 17 January 2021

We’ve been working on co-producing the Co-Production Collective website for a few months now and so have developed some draft web pages. Have a read of this blog to find out how to have your say on what our website should look like!

Nothing wrong with being Gobby

By Rory, on 17 January 2021

If you’re sick of ticking boxes, get ready for Gobby, a more collaborative, more person-centred, more human approach to questionnaires! We’re excited to hear from Gary about how he developed an online survey tool that actually gives people a voice. Thank you for all of the support Gary, it’s great to be working together! If […]

Looking to the future: power, privilege and co-production training

By Niccola, on 17 January 2021

Meet Humma, she is a PhD student on the UCL Wellcome PhD in Mental Health Science, here she shares her experience of taking part in Co-Production Collective training sessions as part of the programme.

Learning in Lockdown: Ask the Expert has Launched

By Caroline Francis, on 6 January 2021

As the country enters its third national lockdown and with schools set to be closed until February half-term or longer, we have an exciting new project to help students stay engaged with learning at home.

A Year of Co-production: What Have We Learned and What Is To Come?

By Rory, on 17 December 2020

Publications from 2020 confirm that interest in co-production is gathering pace. But from some perspectives, this approach to research is unwanted, unhelpful, or unrealistic. In this review, Rory takes a critical look at co-production and the new frontiers we can look forward to as it continues to develop.

How can technologies help us live happy, healthy lives as we age?

By Rory, on 16 December 2020

Georgie from the UCL Institute of Health Engineering shares with us her co-production journey to date, listening and learning. Find out how you can take part in shaping our future and finding the right technology to make ageing healthier and happier for all of us.

Co-production and involvement in health research: why aren’t we showing our working?

By Rory, on 15 December 2020

Centre co-producers, Jordan and Lynn, reflect on personal co-production, involvement experiences, and pose (many) difficult questions about how the Collective’s core values of Challenging, Transparent, Inclusive and being Human can be put into practice.

‘Hard-to-reach’ – the ghost of co-production past

By Rory, on 14 December 2020

Inspired by the challenges women faced while campaigning for their right to vote over a hundred years ago, Mandy writes from the perspective of a co-producer about the pressures of speaking up in public settings and how it could be helped by a more welcoming atmosphere.