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Welcome to the UCL Public Engagement blog!

By Lizzy Baddeley, on 1 November 2017


UCL is an open, publicly and globally engaged university. We value collaboration, partnership and dialogue. The UCL Public Engagement Unit works to help create the university UCL wants to be, and this blog has been created to help us share stories of successful public engagement, raise questions and invite collaboration.

We are one of the oldest public engagement teams in the country, established in 2008, and since then have been changing the culture of research and teaching at UCL. As part of UCL Culture, we work with UCL Museums and the Bloomsbury Theatre to create a university that is open, innovative and creates real world impact.

We train staff and students in public engagement skills. We seed fund engagement projects. We work with individuals and departments to embed the ethos of collaboration and dialogue.

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In this blog we will share the work that we do, as we do it, and invite our partners and collaborators to share their own stories. We want to share both when it works but also when it doesn’t because the only way we can get better at public engagement is by learning from both our successes and failures.

Our website can tell you about our projects and services, but our blog will be used to discuss progress, difficulties, lesson learnt and to explore ideas in the making.

If you have a project or idea you want to explore in a blog, please get in touch.

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