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What do you need to create a justice system?

What do you need to create a justice system? was an event that took place in March, 2018 and brought together the research of three Student Engagers, Josie Mills, Arendse Lund, and Cerys Bradley. They each looked at themes of justice and the law through the lens of their research discipline to produce and evening of talks at the UCL Art Museum which explored the development of justice through three pivotal time periods.

Josie Mills

Josie Mills is an archaeologist in her third year of a PhD at UCL specialising in applying scientific techniques, like mass spectrometry, to understand more about stone tools made by Neanderthals. She’s particularly interested in how we, as modern humans, perceive prehistoric behaviour and the division we draw between us and other species.

Arendse Lund

Arendse Lund is a PhD student in the UCL English department. She traces the development of an Old English legal language and how rulers use this legal terminology to shape perceptions of their authority. She is funded by the London Arts and Humanities Partnership.

Cerys Bradley

Cerys Bradley is a PhD student in the crime and security science department at UCL. They study the people who buy drugs on the internet and how they react to different law enforcement interventions.

The talks will be followed by a drinks reception; no booking necessary but space is limited.

For enquiries contact our team coordinator Arendse Lund (arendse.lund.15@ucl.ac.uk)