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Researchers in Museums


Engaging the public with research & collections



  • Tzu-I speaks to visitors at the Art Museum during our Landscape Event.

  • Sarah talking to a visitor in front of the Jeremy Bentham auto-icon.

  • Niall engages visitors at the Grant Museum during our LandSCAPE Event.

LandSCAPE: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Friday 6 September 2013, UCL Art Museum

From the aesthetics of the pastoral horizon, through mythical lands and blitzed urban spaces, to the gaping expanse between mental and physical healthcare, the audience were taken to a variety of locations to learn about various research projects and discuss the many potential interpretations and ways of experiencing scape.  Work from the UCL Art Museum illustrated and supported the talks and discussions.

Talks included Ruth Blackburn, ‘Bridging the Gap: A Journey Across the Healthcare Landscape’; Lisa Plotkin, ‘The Great 19th Century Female Medical E(scape)’; Tzu-I Liao, ‘Imaginary Landscapes’; Kevin Guyan, ‘BLAST: postwar landscapes in Britain and beyond’; Felicity Winkley, ‘Seen and Unseen: Re-Reading Meinig’s The Beholding Eye’; Niall Sreenan, ‘Tangled Banks, Organic Harmonies, and The Irrepressible New: A Foray into The Literary Landscapes of Thomas Hardy and Charles Darwin’; and Sarah Savage, ‘Panic Behind the Mask: The Human, Emotional, and Psychological Landscape of London during Spanish Influenza’.

The afternoon concluded with light refreshments and an opportunity for those in attendance to discuss ideas discussed further with Student Engagers.

Click here for a six second clip from BLAST: postwar landscapes in Britain and beyond.

The LandSCAPE program is available here.