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Stress: Approaches to the First World War


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Stress brought together a diverse collection of objects, ranging from a preserved coal miner’s lung to magic lantern slides from Francis Galton and Ambrose Fleming, with many on public display for the first time.  The objects selected challenged visitors to re-assess the effects of the First World War on the mind, the body and the environment.

It also uniquely allowed visitors to engage with the researchers behind the project.  Curators were present in the exhibition space throughout its run and brought their unique interpretation of the objects and theme to each discussion.

Co-curator Kevin Guyan explained, ‘Stress inventively brought together the team’s diverse research interests and objects from UCL Collections, many on display to the public for the first time. We hope that visitors found the space welcoming and felt encouraged to discuss their interpretation of the exhibition’s themes’.

Throughout the planning of the exhibition and its run, engagers shared their views on the project in a series of online blog posts.

Stress ran at the North Lodge, Gower Street, London between 9 October and 20 November 2015, from 1pm to 5pm.

For the latest information follow us on Twitter @ResearchEngager or the hashtag #StressUCL

Supported by funding from the Joint Faculty Institute of Graduate Studies