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The Safe Arrival of Book Donations to the Department of Anthropology, National University of Mongolia

By Hedwig A Waters, on 30 June 2019

Written by ‘Emerging Subjects’ team members

In November of last year we were fortunate to have been forwarded an email by Professor Rosine Jozef Perelberg asking if we would be interested in her collection of over 200 books in anthropology, medical anthropology and sociology.

We were thrilled at the offer because we had just begun collecting books to send to the Anthropology and Archaeology Department at the National University of Mongolia. Not long after, a second extensive compilation of journals was also donated by Professor Gilbert Lewis, who kindly donated his entire collection of the Journal of the Royal Anthropology Institute.

Rosine, Sanchir and Bumochir coordinated the collection of Rosine’s extensive library and Jerome Lewis delivered Gilbert’s journals. All the books were packed up and sent by ship to Mongolia through the Mongol Centre of London.

The funds for the shipment were partially raised through the sale of our book, Five Heads, attached to our exhibition which took place in September 2018. The other half of the costs were generously gifted by the Anthropology Department at UCL.

We have just received the brilliant news that all the boxes have now arrived safely at the Department in Mongolia. We hope they will be used in years to come by future anthropologists.

The staff and students of the Anthropology and Archaeology Department at the National University of Mongolia wish to express their deepest gratitude to Professor Rosine Jozef Perelberg and Professor Gilbert Lewis for the donations. Further heartfelt thanks to Rosine, Jerome, Sanchir and Bumochir for organising the book donation and, of course, to the Emerging Subjects Project and the UCL Anthropology Department for funding the shipment.

May they be well used!

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