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Archive for August, 2011

Continuation to UKOER OMAC strand announced

By Ulrich Tiedau, on 18 August 2011

JISC and the Higher Education Academy have released a Call for Proposals for the third phase of the UK Open Educational Resources programme (UKOER3). One strand in this programme will be a continuation of the Open Materials for Accredited Courses (OMAC) strand of UKOER2 that this project, CPD4HE, forms part of.

15 projects, at a maximum of £20,000, will be funded from October 2011 to September 2012, building on the success of UKOER2. They will involve the release of high quality resources to support HEA accredited programmes or schemes of professional development that meet the UK Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education (UK PSF). The deadline for proposals is noon on 5 September 2011.


New resources released!

By Man Yang, on 12 August 2011

Additional resources on Assessment and feedback to students have been released today. They are:

You are welcome to leave any comments and feedback at cpd4he@ucl.ac.uk.

research teaching relationship – under development

By UCL Women's Liberation, on 9 August 2011

Re-reading the content for the first draft of ”the research teaching relationship’ block I’m overcome with doubts! Is the research teaching nexus qualitatively different to designing a teaching session, or assessment? Is it more abstract?  It is impossible to discuss this topic without theorising, and considering the theorising of others…  but does that mean that it is possible to engage with designing a teaching session or assessment without theorising? Surely not…   I can see the annotated bibliography is going to be particularly important, but I don’t expect people to start reading this all in the original. Does that mean I have to write an overview  or sketchy ‘guide to the territory’ in the introduction? What sort of practical outcomes would be useful as a result of the activities?

Comments welcome…