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Archive for December, 2010

content provided units 5 and 7

By UCL Women's Liberation, on 6 December 2010

I’ve just updated the content for ‘Unit 7 Values in HE’, and this time it is in the right place, not an additional page. I don’t have permissions to delete the earlier page so that is still there. Following discussion with the Steering Group last week I thought I should add Perry to the annotated reading list, and a few other things too… it is *not* finished.

I’ve also posted a lot of content for ”Unit 5 research and teaching’ including Ros’s virtual plenary on this topic. I have the jpeg separately, it displays OK in Word but did not survive cutting and pasting into Silva editor. It is also *not* finished. I think I need some Silva training!

Anyway, hope it gives the rest of the team something to go on, and I’ll work on the ‘curriculum’ unit next.