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Writing more texts

By uczardu, on 15 February 2011

There is still a lot of development work to do on assessment and feedback. The power point presentations are not informative enough. I need to write texts to make them more useful and also plan to do audio of those texts. I tried voice-overs but there were technical difficulties when I used the power point software. MP3 recorders work better.

Producing these OER materials is exciting and worthwhile. However, uploading your teaching materials is not enough. You need to provide text, audio or video to fill in those gaps which would normally be dealt with through interaction between learners and teacher and learner.

Feedback from our colleagues on the project has been very useful in helping us to get the level of detail right. I just need to find the time to devote to this.

Rosalind Duhs

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    Joyce Naranjo wrote on 11 March 2012:

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