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Changes to copyright law from 1st June 2014

By ucylcjh, on 28 March 2014

The final version of the changes to copyright legislation has been published! Long-awaited by the library community, the changes update the exceptions under the Act to make them more relevant in the digital age and more helpful to users of copyright material. Despite lobbying from all sides there appear to be only minor changes to the draft legislation published for consultation in 2013.

The amendments to the copyright exceptions will come into force on 1st June, so there will be time to look at them in more detail on this blog. These are the highlights:

  • A brand new exception permitting data mining for non-commercial purposes.
  • “Non-commercial research and private study” exception expanded to cover all formats. 
  • Exception for copying print material into an accessible format for persons with visual issues has been expanded to cover copying from all formats and now benefits all persons with disabilities.  
  • Expanded “fair dealing” exception for the purpose of “instruction” (CDPA S32) now permits copying from all formats.
  •  Education exception (CDPA S36) is expanded to cover most formats and permits uploading of extracts onto a secure network.
  • The “criticism and review”exception has been expanded to permit copying of quotations generally and also copying for purposes of parody and pastiche (new CDPA S30).

Please contact for enquiries on this or other copyright matters:

 Chris Holland, Copyright Support Officer:  copyright@ucl.ac.uk

Link to the IPO website: http://www.ipo.gov.uk/types/hargreaves/hargreaves-copyright/hargreaves-copyright-techreview.htm