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Discourse Project

The Discourse Project  launched in January 2014, grew out of the critical discussion and debate from the MFA Critical Studies and the MA programme, studio critiques in Graduate Painting, the Contemporary Art Lectures, Staff Talks and PhD Research Fora. It reflects the interest and enthusiasm felt by staff and students in Graduate Painting for critically exploring the nature of painting. The Discourse Project was initiated and led by Estelle Thompson, and  is developed in tandem with the Materials Research Project .

The aim of the Discourse Project is to research the multi-cultural, social, political and philosophical issues that inform, shape and define the experience and engagement with contemporary painting.

Topics included:

  • exploring ramifications of the “expanded field of painting”, including 3-d space in painting; the relation of real and pictorial space; painting and performance; painting and the five senses
  • exploring the influence and impact of the moving image on painting; and the painter’s relation to time and duration
  • exploring the frame and notions of boundary in painting
  • exploring the value of motif in relation to media and methodology
  • exploring the affect of the virtual/digital on painting in terms of materiality, and physical and metal engagement
  • exploring the relation between drawing and painting
  • exploring the inter-relation between art histories, craft traditions and contemporary painting
  • exploring different cultural approaches to painting
Discourse Project

Discourse Project, Studio 2, Slade School of Fine Art