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Slade Methods Room



Mobile Workstations

pigment-stationThe Materials Research Project is proud to present the  multifunctional Mobile Workstation, an innovative design that serves a number of technical, teaching and research needs required for the understanding and further knowledge of the artist’s craft. Its purpose and function is to create a place to work and provide equipment to facilitate technical lectures. It is used for the demonstration and teaching of materials and as a research base for staff development. It includes a library of recipes, materials and samples an archive of traditional and contemporary methods. This facility provides students with much needed space for the preparation of stretching and priming canvases, making grounds, grinding pigments. It has the potential for a display area, to project onto, as a means of setting up projective methods necessary for the study of perspective. It will be a simple store; a meeting place for discussion and an interchange of ideas for staff, students visiting artists/lecturers. It is housed in the Methods Room in Studio 2 in Graduate Painting.



The Design

The Mobile Workstation was conceived and designed by Lecturers Jo Volley and Gary Woodley, and constructed by Gary Woodley. It consists of 4 mobile units with the potential to hinge and link together in numerous configurations to allow for a full range of shape making and projective possibilities. The size and proportion of the units is governed by the necessity to move throughout the School, and also form an extensive work surface for the large scale stretchers and surfaces the students regularly need. It incorporates built-in out-riggers and various clamping systems, electric sockets, a ruled edge and a hot plate embedded in the top surface. An extendable wall, cupboards and racks for storing equipment such as:

Glass slab and mullers
Palette knives
Cutting instruments
Storage /containers for materials
Drawing instruments
Double burner pots
Library and sample section

The Mobile Workstation is a very high build quality, durable and has an ease of deployment and fluid action, which makes it a pleasure to use. It encapsulates the necessity and function of a fully equipped contemporary artist’s studio in all its various guises.


Workstation in use


Methods Room