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Slade Methods Room



Mobile Workstation

The multifunctional Mobile Workstation is an initiative that grew out of the Material Research Project in 2014. Its innovative design supports a range of technical, teaching and research needs required for the understanding and further knowledge of the artist’s craft. The Mobile Workstation opens up a unique place within the studio setting for work, experimentation and knowledge exchange and discussion. It facilitates technical lectures, such as the demonstration and teaching of materials, as well as preparation for stretching and priming canvases. The Mobile Workstation includes a library of recipes and materials, and a sample archive of traditional and contemporary methods of preparing sealants, grounds and paints. It is also equipped with a display area and light box for presentations.

The Mobile Workstation was designed by Jo Volley and Gary Woodley. The initiative was supported by a grant from UCL, which led to the construction of two stations by Gary Woodley. The Mobile Workstations were housed in the Methods Room in Studio 2 in the Slade’s main building before transferring to the new Methods Room in Room 4 at Woburn Square until 2019.



Workstation in use