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Ginkgo biloba: A Tree that Conquers Time

By kuang-chi.hung, on 24 May 2009


posted by Hung, Kuang-chi

2 Responses to “Ginkgo biloba: A Tree that Conquers Time”

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    R.MacFarlane wrote on 25 May 2009:

    Very interesting video: the use of animation over historical documents I felt worked extremely well. The balance of narration, soundtrack and visuals made for an extremely stylish piece of work: uncluttered yet stimulating.

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    Theresia.Hofer wrote on 25 May 2009:

    This clip features a very clear and beautifully recounted narrative on the uses of Ginkgo in China and in Japan. The animation of snow, flying leaves and aurora is very impressive, but a little distracting at times and clashes with the classical Japanese and Chinese aesthetics. Mike liked the drawings especially the monk!

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