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History of Medicine in Motion



Professor Kuriyama Q & A – Jan 9


“Kuriyama Q & A – Part I”

0:04 On music.

1:13 Textual versus audio-visual – clips improve expression and concision.

2:39 Uses in Pedagogy

4:13 My subject has few images. Does presentation format dictate content?

7:36 Media leads to clear, assimilable presentations.

“Kuriyama Q & A – Part II”

0:04 Is it time consuming?

1:02 Does making media clips improve one’s writing?

2:31 How are students clips critiqued?

3:17 What outcomes do you assess of student clips?

4:28 Example of a student assignment.

7:57 Do clips encourage synthetic thinking versus analytical thought?

“Kuriyama Q & A – Part III”

0:05 How do you assess your students’ presentations?

1:50 Are documentaries a point of reference?

2:42 On the affective seduction of music in clips – is this different from rhetoric?

4:55 How important is text? How do students take notes?

“Professor Kuriyama Q & A – Part IV”

0:03 Baby Bob stimulates a different kind of attentiveness.

3:39 How can modern media techniques be harness and transformed effectively in current academic life?

5:24 Undergraduate vs. postgraduate presentations.

6:32 How can media presentation compete with written texts in terms of academic rigour and apparatus (e.g. footnotes?)

8:42 Do students submit the script as well?

9:37 Any difficulties in assessing clips vs. podcasts?

“Kuriyama Q & A – Part V”

0:04 On Easter Eggs as footnotes.

0:40 The brevity of media presentations

1:47 Can clips be used in more interactive settings e.g. seminars?