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History of Medicine in Motion



*Film Clips Posted*

Legal Medicine in Motion: A Visual History of Forensic Science in Modern China – posted by Daniel Asen

medical negligence under the new poor law – posted by Kim Price

Facial Expression – posted by Daniel Rees

Screening the Nurse: The Army Nurse – posted by Rosemary Wall, Anne Marie Rafferty and David Cantor

Picturing the Pox: A (Very) Brief History – posted by Harriet Palfreyman

Chinese Medicine: A Living Tradition – posted by Felicity Moir

Oral History of Assisting Medical Decisions – posted by Humphrey Gyde

Tracking London’s Great Plague – posted by Erin Sullivan

NeiJing Tu – posted on behalf of David Dear

The Science of Vanity – posted by Shigehisa Kuriyama

Doctors, Daoists and Deviants in Early Medieval China – posted by Michael Stanley-Baker

Sexual Health on Dean Street: past and present – posted by Richard Stack

Humors and Numbers – posted by Hung, Kuang-chi

Rethinking Case Histories_He Bian – posted by He Bian

Opera and Illness – posted by Hugh Shapiro

Ginkgo biloba: A Tree that Conquers Time – posted by Hung, Kuang-chi