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History of Medicine in Motion



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Ginkgo biloba: A Tree that Conquers Time

By kuang-chi.hung, on 24 May 2009


posted by Hung, Kuang-chi

Opera and Illness

By hugh.shapiro, on 21 May 2009


Posted by Hugh Shapiro

Rethinking Case Histories_He Bian

By he.bian, on 19 May 2009


Posted by He Bian

Humors and Numbers

By kuang-chi.hung, on 19 May 2009


Posted by Hung, Kuang-chi

Sexual Health on Dean Street: past and present

By richard.stack, on 18 May 2009


Doctors, Daoists and Deviants in Early Medieval China

By mike stanley-baker, on 15 May 2009


Posted by Michael Stanley-Baker

Tracking London’s Great Plague

By erin.sullivan, on 11 May 2009


Posted by Erin Sullivan

Oral History of Assisting Medical Decisions

By h.gyde, on 11 May 2009


Posted by Humphrey Gyde

Chinese Medicine: A Living Tradition

By felicity.moir, on 11 May 2009


Posted by Felicity Moir

Picturing the Pox: A (Very) Brief History

By h.palfreyman, on 11 May 2009


Harriet Palfreyman