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History of Medicine in Motion



26 May Workshop Programme

H I S T O R Y   O F   M E D I C I N E   I N   M O T I O N


2 6  M a y  2 0 0 9

W I T H   P R O F E S S O R  S H I G E H I S A  K U R I Y A M A

Organised by the Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL


JZ Young Lecture Theatre, Anatomy Building, UCL, Gower Street, London.

(See map)

P a n e l  o f  e x p e r t s

Professor Shigehisa Kuriyama (Harvard University)

Professor Hal Cook (UCL)

Asher Tlalim (National Film and Television School)

Ross MacFarlane (Wellcome Library)

O v e r v i e w

The internet is rapidly transforming the boundaries of what is considered serious scholarly material, and allowing for a broader dissemination of findings than has hitherto been possible in history. The increased video saturation among new generations of students has been both a cause for alarm and excitement among academics as they note the decreased attention span of those they teach for print literature on the one hand, and the potential for making their materials more immediately accessible on the other.

This workshop is an opportunity to showcase and explore digital media presentations of the History of Medicine. In piloting new formats for delivering scholarly content and offering training in their development, this workshop provides a platform for discussing the opportunities, problems and challenges that these media may hold for the dissemination of scholarly research.

S c h e d u l e

08:45             Registration

09:15             Welcome: Hal Cook

09:20            Introductory remarks: Theresia Hofer & Michael Stanley-Baker

Media-rich academic presentations

(each followed by 20 minutes discussion)

09:25   Techniques of media-rich presentations: Shigehisa Kuriyama

10:05    At the court of Rashid al-Din: The Treasure Book of the Ilkhan on Chinese Science and Techniques: Vivienne Lo and Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim (WTCHM)

10:45            Coffee break

11:05            Two shorts about Freud and Jung: Sonu Shamdasani

12:00   Lunch Break

Review of submitted clips by expert panel

13:00   Hal Cook (on clips by Erin Sullivan; Humphrey Gyde; Hugh Shapiro)

13:30   Asher Tlalim (on clips by Michael Stanley-Baker; Kim Price; Daniel Rees; He Bian)

14:00   Ross MacFarlane (on clips by Rosemary Wall, Anne Marie Rafferty & David Cantor; Harriet Palfreyman;    Richard Stack)

14:30   Shigehisa Kuriyama (on clips by David Dear; Felicity Moir; Daniel Asen)

15:00   Tea Break

15:20   Open-floor discussion – moderated by Hal Cook

16:10   Closing comments, prize-giving and thanks

(16:30  End of Workshop)