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Trial access to Sovetskii Ekran Digital Archive

By Sarah Gilmore, on 22 November 2023

UCL has trial access to Sovetskii Ekran Digital Archive until 20th December 2023.

Sovetskii Ekran Digital Archive (Soviet Screen digital archive) is a collection of the most prominent film magazine in Soviet history, published from 1925 to 1998. With a peak circulation of two million copies, it was the world’s largest film publication of its time. Available in a bi-monthly format, the magazine was very popular among film enthusiasts, disappearing from kiosks almost immediately upon arrival. Covering both domestic and foreign films, film history, and reviews, Sovetskii Ekran served as a source of insider insights, production secrets, and cultural impacts.

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2 Responses to “Trial access to Sovetskii Ekran Digital Archive”

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    Kristin Roth-Ey wrote on 22 November 2023:

    This is an amazing resource! I can’t wait to show it to students and to use it myself for research purposes. (I’ve worked it in the past.) We currently have several postgraduates who will find it valuable and I can see it as an excellent source for MA and BA dissertations.

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    Sarah Gilmore wrote on 22 November 2023:

    Thanks for the feedback. I have passed it on to the Subject Liaison Librarians at SSEES so that they are aware of your interest.

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